How can we determine effective leadership?  Yes, leadership can be measured through the leader’s behaviors.

There is no truth in the statement that says “Leaders are born, not made.” because leadership behaviors can be learned.

Here are 4 ways to determine an effective leadership

  1. Effective leadership means that the leader has a mission and inspire others to join them. The leader must be able to understand and communicate it to his team so that the team commits themselves fully to the mission. The leader makes sure that the team understands him and not just hear him.
  2. Effective leadership means the leader is able to create and develop strong organizations. The leader must be able to understand and manage the organizational structure, wherein each and every member of the team is able to do his part to move the organization forward.
  3. Effective leadership means that the leader has strong interpersonal skills. The leader must have the ability to interact closely with the team members. Interpersonal behavior is the way the leader communicates to the team and how he behaves in front of them. It is important that members trust their leader, if they don’t they will erect barriers that may slow down the implementation of any management program or process which may lead to customer dissatisfaction. When customers are dissatisfied, they will eventually abandon you in search for a more pleasant business experience.
  4. Effective leadership means that the leader is a good motivator. The leader must possess the ability to motivate the team any which way he can to move them forward. Different situations may call for different forms of motivation. Faster delivery times will always mean the more effective and the more efficient your team is becoming.

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