The difference between leaders and managers is that leaders have followers while managers have workers. However, leadership and management are measured equally, and not one of the two is better than the other or vice versa.

Organizations need both leadership and management. Leadership pushes followers to move towards their goals while managers make sure that everyone in the team is working well towards the goals.

So what else would be the key differences between leadership and management?

  1. The manager is the one responsible for creating, implementing and monitoring the processes that enable the team’s success. On the other hand, the leader creates a positive work environment that motivates the team members to succeed.
  2. The manager handles performance appraisals to raise standards, while the leader recognizes potential and develops people for better opportunities.
  3. The manager creates improvements that help people to perform well, while the leader involves people and works with the people.
  4. The leader creates a compelling vision for the team. The manager breaks that vision into a roadmap to be followed by the team.
  5. The leader carefully monitors the trends, opportunities, and threats while the manager manages the resources to ensure the organization is moving towards the goal.

There has to be a striking strong balance between leadership and management. If a company has great leadership but poor management capability, the company might not be able to successfully achieve its goals. Same goes with the opposite poor leadership, might not be able to achieve significant goals even if the company has strong management. Winning results can only be achieved if both leadership and management are strong in an organization.

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Reference: Dale Carnegie