There is never one size fits all among several leadership training activities that will boost your team’s performance.

The ultimate goal of the leader is to influence, engage and encourage his people to take action towards their goal.

The problem with most businesses nowadays is that their leaders or managers were not trained to understand how to use leadership strategies that could improve their ability to influence/motivate their team members.

Here are 5 leadership training activities that can boost your performance

1. Define & Communicate Mission and Vision

The leader must be able to define and communicate the mission and vision of the organization periodically to his team.

You never drive through the unknown without checking the road map from time to time. It is best that your people know where you are going, how they will go there and what they will expect once they have gone through all the effort in getting towards that destination.

The leader must be able to clearly layout his plans to every member of the team. Leading everyone blindly to nowhere will just tire out the team and the probability of achieving the desired results will be slim if the team doesn’t even know what the goal is.

The goals must be clearly defined and the milestones identified so that everyone knows if you are getting closer or further away from it.

2. Encourage Recognition

The leader must consistently show appreciation of the good work done by the employees. The more the employees feel that they are valued, the more they become committed and engaged with their work.

It is important that employees get recognized for work that has been done beyond what was expected of them. By giving recognition over time, the morale stays strong even in the most stressful of times.

Encouraging recognition is one of the leadership training activities that give a positive impact on every member of your team. When employees get rewards, they feel privileged and always give their best in every task that they do.

Personal recognition is important to performing employees, as this keeps them provide more and better quality of work. An atmosphere of praise and gratitude will always motivate everyone to perform at peak level.

3. Communicate from the Heart

There’s no truth in the statement that “Leaders are born, not made. Leadership is a choice. A choice that each and every one of us can make.

The leader is expected to communicate from the heart. The leader is expected to give his full commitment to the growth and development of his team, as well as his. Showing empathy and the ability to speak through the heart is one of the leadership training activities that get people committed to doing their jobs well.

4. Delegate Wisely

The leader understands that he can’t do everything alone. He is expected to delegate other tasks and responsibilities to his team members, Once the leader does this, the team members will feel trusted and will have high regard for their self-worth.

5. Commit to Life Long Learning

Great leaders invest in knowledge acquisition. They spend more time in learning and finding ways to improve business processes. Once you become a leader, you should never stop growing as one.

This is includes sharing your knowledge and experiences with your team so that your team also grows with you.

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