Being a certified coach could be considered as one of the toughest but fulfilling jobs. As a certified coach, you need to have leadership skills to be able to tap into people’s lives. You need to possess certain skills to be able to align with your client.

To become a certified coach, these are the requirements:

  1. ICF-accredited coach training

Just like any other profession, you will need to undergo a training to have enough knowledge in your profession. n ICF-accredited training program. This would include a rigorous process with a curriculum that is aligned with the ICF definition, code of ethics, and competencies of coaching. In the Philippines, Benchmark Consulting offers the Accelerated Coach Training Program (ACTP), and ICF-approved training program.

2. ICF membership

The International Coaching Federation is an established organization of professionally trained coaches in the world. By being an ICF member, you would possess credibility as you take part in this renowned organization. You will need to complete at least 60 hours of training under an ICF-approved program. Completing an ICF-approved program under Benchmark Consulting would automatically make you eligible to become a member of the ICF.

3. Coaching log

Coaching log refers to the number of hours of coaching experience after your training. If you are applying to become an Associate Certified Coach, you need to have 100 hours (75 paid) coaching experience to at least 8 clients following the start of your coach-specific training. At least 25 of these hours must occur within 18 months of submitting your credential application.

4. ICF Credential

Obtaining an ICF credential is different from being an ICF member. An ICF credential is similar to a degree in the field of coaching, with a global recognition.Being a certified coach with an ICF credential gives you an edge because you have met the global standards of coaching practice.

5. Coach Knowledge Assessment (CKA)

The last step in becoming a certified coach is taking the CKA. This test would measure how well you understand ICF’s definition of coaching, core competencies, and code of ethics. This assessment procedure would ensure ICF that soon-to-be certified coaches highly understand what it means to be a professional coach.

Aside from the skills, the knowledge is coaching is one of the essential elements one should possess. It won’t be enough that you are passionate to become a certified coach without the proper training.

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