Now that you’ve realized the significance of coaching in your journey, the big question is “Which coaching program should I take?”

The International Coaching Federation suggests 5 criteria in choosing the right coaching program for you:

  1. LOCATION. Where will you meet your coach? Remember, face-to-face communication is still more beneficial so it’s better to look for a coaching program that is accessible to you.
  2. SCHEDULE. How many hours can you allot for your coaching program? It will be great to find a coaching program that offers a flexible schedule.
  3. COVERAGE. What are the program inclusions? Will it include lecture only or will it involve hands-on training? For best results, look for a coaching program that offer post-course support as well for assistance in your continuing professional development.
  4. FEES. How much does the entire course cost? Double check the pricing policies before booking a particular course. You can also do your research to check whether the rates are reasonable or not.
  5. REPUTATION. Is the program reliable? There are lots of companies offering coaching programs but you need to verify its credibility. Read customer testimonials, check out social media, and talk with other coaches. Customer feedback speaks a lot about the program’s integrity.

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