About Us

Proven coaching, training, and consulting solutions

Benchmark Consulting has worked with more than 500,000 senior executives, managers, supervisors, and teams from the USA, Europe, and Asia and all of them attest to have generated better bottom line results with the help of our integrated coaching, training and consulting solutions.

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We are a coaching, training and consulting company and we partner with you to create an organization that fosters growth mindset, resilient attitude, and innovative thinking – all of which are vital in managing the challenges of these times. Our coaching, training and consulting  tools help develop people and teams to consistently perform at their best.

Based on your needs, Benchmark Consulting develops and executes custom-designed individual and team effectiveness training programs, leadership and coaching programs and other organizational development interventions intended to bring out the best in your organization.

The Benchmark Formula

When we partner with your company, we employ a 3-phase learning partnership journey, which usually includes assessment interviews, actual training or coaching program delivery and post-program sustaining activities.

At Benchmark Consulting, whether we do one-on-one coaching or classroom training, serious learning is fun learning! Our activities, exercises and games will challenge not only your skills but also your mindset. You will take home the learning points from our sessions but most importantly, the enjoyable experience that many of our clients look forward to when attending our workshops. 

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Our coaching programs are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and we maintain the highest global standards set by this organization. Our coaching programs are the first and the only ICF-accredited coaching courses in the Philippines and one of the few in Asia.