Advanced Professional Coaching Certification Course

with Dr. Marcia Reynolds, MCC and Julius Ordonez, MCC


The Advanced Professional Coaching Certification Course is a 3-month, 65-hour intensive program that teaches coaches new and critical skills and mindsets that will enable them to go deeper into their coaching so they can create a life-changing impact on their clients. In this course, participants will go through personal breakthroughs themselves as they discover and apply coaching mastery to make every coaching engagement a real transformative experience for anyone they coach.

This course is part of an entire 125-hour Accredited Coach Training Program (ACTP). Graduates of this course will earn the Certified Advanced Level Professional Coach designation.

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Take your coaching skills to the next level and discover the tools that make a difference to high performance. Upon completion of the course, you gain specialist expertise that helps you develop personally and professionally — helping you better create sustainable change in the lives of your clients.


At Benchmark Consulting, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge training programs for professional coaches. With our comprehensive program curriculum, you can be confident that you are getting the high-quality training you need to progress in your coaching journey.


The participants will go through a series of online workshops/webinars that combine theory and skills practice on the following content:

  • The New ICF Coaching Competencies
    • The importance of a coaching mindset and ongoing reflective practice
    • The implications of the new competencies on the practice of coaching
  • Understanding Coaching Mastery
    • What coaching mastery really means and how it looks like
    • How coaching mastery impacts the client
  • Going Deeper with Presence and Listening
    • What it takes to be “fully present” with the client
    • How to go “beyond listening” and start receiving
  • Coaching the Person, Not the Problem
    • Helping clients expand how they see themselves and the world around them
    • Overcoming the tendency to focus on the client’s problem
  • Mastering Reflective Inquiry
    • Using reflective inquiry to deepen client’s awareness the faster way
    • Igniting AHA moments and critical shifts that transform the client
  • Emotional Management in Coaching
    • How emotions affect the way you coach
    • Making your emotions work for you
  • Handling Different Coachee Behaviors
    • Knowing and understanding the differing behaviors of coachees in a coaching relationship
    • What to do when coachee behavior gets in the way
  • Diversity in Coaching
    • The importance of a culture, systemic, and contextual awareness within coaching relationships
    • Seeing and understanding the client in a holistic view
  • Introduction to Team Coaching
    • What is team coaching
    • The qualities of a peak performing, high value creating team
  • Handling Sponsored Coaching Engagements
    • Factors that are critical to the success of sponsored engagements
    • Best practices
  • Business Development for Coaches
    • Overcoming your discomfort in promoting yourself
    • Business development approaches that work


Philippines Time
September 7-8, September 14-15, September 21-22, September 28-29 at 8AM-11AM Manila Time
US Time
September 6-7, September 13-14, September 20-21, September 27-28 at 5PM-8PM Pacific Daylight Time

Delivery Method: Webinars via Zoom

No. of Webinars: 8
Frequency: 2x a week
Duration: 3 hours per session

man participates in a coaching certification course

Program Methodology

Through a combination of creative approaches, participants will take away a stronger cognitive foundation, higher level of coaching proficiency, and deeper commitment to providing the best value to their clients. Our holistic approach will utilize the following methods:

  • Online workshops/webinars (demos, simulations, interactive discussions, group exercises)
  • Internship (on-the-job training)
  • 1:1 Mentoring Support
  • Group Mentoring Support
  • Group Work (case study / research)
  • Supplementary Readings

Upon completion, you will have the skills, knowledge, and confidence to ensure your long-term success in this expanding and rewarding profession.


Participants are required to undergo the Internship for immediate application of learnings from the online workshops. It is expected that when participants sign up for the course, they should already engage with a coaching client, either paying or pro bono, for their internship.


During the Internship, they are required to complete six (6) coaching sessions conducted every 2 weeks with their chosen client.


Participants will receive four (4) individualized mentoring sessions and join 3 two-hour group mentoring sessions all throughout the Internship. They are required to submit recordings of their coaching sessions, which will be reviewed by their assigned mentor-coach for feedback.


1:1 Mentoring Support
To be arranged between you and your mentor within October     

Group Mentoring Support
Philippines Time
October 12, October 26, November 10, November 23 at at 8AM-10AM Manila Time
US Time
October 11, October 25 at 5PM-7PM Pacific Daylight Time
November 9, November 22 at 4PM-6PM Pacific Standard Time


To reinforce learnings from the online workshops and the Internship and to strengthen group support, the participants will be assigned a research project to complete in small groups. Results of the project will be presented during Intensives 2.


November 15-30, 2022

corporate employees working together


This workshop provides participants the opportunity to debrief their Internship experience – their challenges, insights, and discoveries. Hearing each other’s internship experience will not only strengthen their learnings but will also prepare them for different coaching cases they will possibly encounter in the future.

This session will also serve as the final evaluation of the participants in terms of their newly acquired coaching skills through a live coaching demo.


Philippines Time
December 7-8 at 8AM-11AM Manila Time
US Time
December 6-7 at 4PM-7PM Pacific Standard Time


To be eligible for this course, participants must have ANY of the following:

  • 60 hours of coach-training approved by the ICF
  • 60 hours of coach-training aligned to ICF Standards
  • ACC Credential
  • PCC Credential
  • MCC Credential

If you have any concerns or inquiries about the prerequisites for participation or your course eligibility, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.


Dr. Marcia Reynolds, MCC

  • One of the top 5 coaches in the world
  • 5th Global President of ICF
  • Has trained coaches and leaders in 41 countries
  • Author of Coach the Person, Not the Problem, Outsmart Your Brain, The Discomfort Zone, and Wander Woman

Julius Ordonez, MCC

  • A pioneering coaching expert in Asia
  • Founder of ICF Philippines Chapter and Past President of Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC)
  • Philippines’ FIRST-EVER ICF Master Certified Coach
  • Has trained 500+ professional coaches and thousands of leaders from around the world


Registration Fees and Forms

Local (Philippines) International
Regular Fee PHP 130,000.00 USD 2,800.00
Benchmark Graduate Rate PHP 115,000.00 USD 2,400.00
Early Bird Discount
(if paid before June 30, 2022)
10% off

Local (Philippines) Registrants:

International Registrants:

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