Assessment Services

Benchmark Consulting’s assessment services use proven diagnostic tools to provide a snapshot of  the strengths and challenges of your company and that of your mission-critical employees. The results help chart your course, take action and ensure accountability.

Organizational, Team, and Individual Assessments

Conflict Dynamics Profile (CDP)

An assessment instrument assessing conflict behaviors in the workplace and at home, CDP provides a powerful way to improve self-awareness of what triggers conflict in individuals as well as how they respond to conflict. Based on these triggers and responses, the Conflict Dynamics Profile then provides practical approaches for improving behaviors that promote more effective conflict resolution.

The CDP Assessment was developed by the Center of Conflict Dynamics in collaboration with the Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College, Florida, USA. Benchmark Consulting uses this assessment as a take-off point for our Leadership Development, Team Development and Executive Coaching programs. It is one of the many tools we offer among our roster of Assessment Services, aimed to optimize the performance of individuals and teams. Benchmark Consulting is the only authorized provider of CDP in the Philippines today.

Stellar Team Diagnostics (STD)

The Stellar Team Diagnostic is an online assessment for teams. It measures the team’s perception of the conditions that impact the team’s productivity and positivity. There are 80 items in the assessment. Each item asks the participant to assess the team from the perspective of the whole team in terms of the team’s productivity and positivity. “Positivity” is a word adapted from the Emotional Intelligence work of Daniel Goleman. Productivity team strengths refer to the capacity to perform the functions required by the team. Productivity measures include the existence of adequate resources and expertise, clear goals and strategies to reach those goals, a sense of alignment and cohesion on the team, clear roles, an effective decision making process, a commitment to innovation and change, and flexible appropriate leadership.

The 7S Organizational Assessment Model

This tool as one of our assessment services is used to diagnose organizational health conditions and how a company operates. Benchmark uses its internally designed questionnaire based on Mc Kinsey’s 7S Framework, a values-based management model. Findings in the paper assessment are further validated through other assessment methods like interviews, focus group discussions (FGDs), workplace immersion and observation and mystery shopping.

Personal Coaching Styles Inventory (PCSI)

Developed by Dr. Lee Smith and Dr. Jeannine Sandstrom for CoachWorks International, Dallas, Texas USA, PCSI has been used since 1996 with thousands of individuals. It is the first coaching instrument developed by coaches for the coaching industry. Drs. Smith and Sandstrom saw a need for understanding and mastery of interaction styles from the coaching context. This inventory is not a psychological/personality tool. It is intended to be a self-inventory where people designate how they want to give and receive feedback and advice. It is best used as a snapshot of how individuals can have effective communication in relationships. While similar to other four quadrant styles, and there are many, it has the distinction of being beneficial to coaches in every industry, including personal coaches, coach managers, executive coaches or self-coaches.

Benchmark Consulting’s assessment services help in identifying high potentials in your organization. Identifying high potentials is crucial to any company that wants to improve business performance.

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Who has not heard about the MBTI? This is the world’s most widely-used, best-known and most trusted personality assessment. It measures psychological preferences in how people perceive the world and make decisions. Benchmark uses this tool as part of its assessment services for its leadership and team development programs.