Building A Coaching Culture At Work

At Benchmark Consulting, we help you in building a coaching culture that values high engagement and drives growth and development for all. We understand that each company is unique, which is why we don’t offer an off-the-shelf approach. We tailor fit our coaching culture engagement depending on the current state of your organization and what you want to achieve.

What is a Coaching Culture at work?

Coaching is a non-directive, collaborative, and transformational approach that brings out the innermost potential of individuals and teams.

A culture is defined as people’s “way of life” reflected in their ways of being and doing.

In building a coaching culture, everyone in the organization across all levels and functions embodies coaching in their thoughts and actions. Coaching is used as an approach by leaders in developing and managing their people, pervasively used as a communication style, and incorporated into the company’s systems and processes for performance management, talent development, employee engagement, and more.


Building a Coaching Culture for Your Company

Each company is unique and therefore, there is no off-the-shelf program that can be implemented for companies. The coaching culture program is different in every company depending on the current state of the organization and what the organization wants to achieve. What’s common among companies is having a roadmap with the end view of having a coaching culture.

Our Process

Phase 1: Organization Assessment

We have a thorough discussion with you to assess your company’s coaching literacy and preparedness to embrace coaching as a way of life. Based on the results of the assessment, we help you determine the critical success factors that will be used in co-creating a roadmap with you. That means we will be helping you in creating a coaching culture at work.

With over 20 years of experience helping companies adopt coaching as a transformational tool, our inputs and recommendations will be beneficial and effective in making sure you create a coaching culture that addresses your company’s needs. We then integrate these with your knowledge of your company’s cultural needs and business objectives. Afterward, we design a roadmap best suited to your organization.

Phase 2: Visioning & Planning Workshop

The roadmap will be created through a Visioning and Planning workshop where we facilitate a 1-2 day session for the Program Champions tasked to design and implement a coaching culture-building program. The program team is usually led by HR together with a select few leaders.

In this workshop, the program team paints a picture of how the organization’s success will look like when there’s already a coaching culture at work or within the company. The planning will look into what specific activities should be done by whom and by when, including how the execution will take place. During this part of the program, the structure of the whole program including all elements will be designed.

Phase 3: Program Implementation

As we implement the roadmap after the coaching culture program, we also act as your coaching consultants to help you determine what works and what doesn’t. We also guide you in identifying solutions and corrective actions. We provide you inputs on potential obstacles you need to anticipate and what you can do to overcome them while creating a coaching culture. We will support you in evaluating your progress and provide you feedback based on what we see. We work hand in hand with you until the end of the process or until you say you can already do the follow through on your own.