In this time of heightened anxiety and wavering hope, we are called to coach, motivate, and enable those that seek our guidance. But you can’t tell people to think differently and expect they will. Coaching is the best way to help our clients and employees see beyond the fog of fear to a possible future. The new perspective inspires both hope and the confidence to act.

This conversation looks at the increased need for leaders to holding inspiring conversations while creating the safety people need to speak up and express their fears. We also explore how to coach leaders in uncertain times. Coaches and leaders must be prepared to deal with strong emotions, including their own. We explore how to develop mental habits to stay calm, patient, and compassionately present no matter what emerges in the conversation. I also share how I learned many of these tips on my own journey.

Source: “Courageous Leadership Coaching in Times of Uncertainty” from Marcia Reynolds on YouTube