Julius Ordonez

Julius Ordonez, MCC, ACTC

Founder and President

Starting his corporate career in HR, particularly in Training, Julius Ordonez, MCC always knew that people development was his calling. One day, he read about the ICF and experienced a session himself, and everything changed. “I really felt the change in my heart in that coaching session. And the more I learned about coaching, the more it got me interested, because the results are longer-lasting, the application of the learning is immediate, and you can follow thru on the impact– it’s not just a one-time thing.”

So he strove to become an ICF credentialed coach, and it went all the way from there, from PCC to becoming the first and only MCC (Master Certified Coach) in the country, founding the ICF chapter in the Philippines, and founding Benchmark Consulting, the country’s pioneer in integrated coaching, training and consulting solutions- which turns 20 years old this month.

His favorite part about what he does? “When you see that eureka moment, that sparkle in your coachee’s eyes…that’s when you know you’ve made an impact in that person’s life. That’s my passion.”

Paui Del Rosario

Paui Del Rosario, PCC

Managing Consultant, Professional Coach and Coach Trainer

What attracted Paulette “Paui” Pueo Del Rosario, PCC to coaching was the fact that it caters to the whole being of a person, achieving a much deeper impact on their lives and a more sustainable outcome than traditional L&D initiatives.

Starting on the client side, she fell in love with the work and witnessed the power of coaching–enough to make her want to do it full time. Paui was one of the very first ICF-credentialed coaches in the Philippines, and what gives her the greatest sense of fulfilment today as Managing Consultant and Executive Coach at Benchmark Consulting is helping others become professional coaches and ambassadors of change to others.

“Coaching really changed me as a person. It showed me that people are capable of change and it instilled in me the accountability and firm resolve to conquer my fears and limitations and go for what I want. Aside from my professional development, I owe to coaching my personal milestones, like getting married and having a baby. That’s how I know it works!”

Adam Bautista

Adam Bautista, ACC

Head of APAC Operations, Professional Coach and Training Consultant

Being such a people person, it didn’t take long before Adam Noah Paul Bautista, ACC discovered his purpose. He started his career in IT, and happened to join a training program for trainers led by Julius Ordonez, MCC. It was then that he realized that what he really wanted to do was be a facilitator and coach.

“I coach because I want to create a positive impact in the lives of people. It’s so fulfilling when you see that a-ha moment where they realize that they are capable to reach their goals. It feels so good to help people overcome their limitations– priceless really. Coaching taught me how to listen, as I do love to talk! It affirmed that my being a people person is not just lip service, it comes from a deep and genuine interest in and care for people. And it showed me that it is possible to build relationships with people, even those I’ve just met. “

Today, Adam is our Head of APAC Operations, an Executive Coach and Training Consultant at Benchmark Consulting, living out his purpose everyday.

Trixy Gabriel

Trixy Gabriel, ACC

Managing Consultant, Professional Coach and Corporate Trainer

Trixy Gabriel, ACC, Managing Consultant of Benchmark Consulting, was an educator for 19 years, culminating her career in the sector as the Dean of Arts and Sciences before switching paths to coaching and consulting. This shift required her to start from scratch to learn the corporate side of the L&D industry, even doing billing and account management aside from program facilitation, but she was open to learning everything, knowing that it was leading her to her purpose. When coaching was starting to become a buzzword in the L&D space and she saw how it much positive impact it has on people, she decided to become a professional coach herself– and it has definitely changed her life.

“I practice the same coaching questions on myself, and it changed my whole outlook. Instead of getting fixated on blame or obstacles, I immediately shift into how to move forward and think about what options and possibilities are available to me. That means I never feel stuck and I always have an abundance mentality, even despite tough personal circumstances. No matter what might be going on around you, you always have a choice. You can choose to be positive and productive.”