We have trained close to 600 professional coaches over the years, and it’s no secret that they are among the best in their field. We are proud to present you stories of our featured coaches — how they discovered their calling to become a coach while working in different fields and industries, what niches they specialize in, and how coaching plays a highly important role in their lives.

Luchi Vitales, PCC

CEO of A and N Consultancy and Former HR Director at Monde Nissin

Ernalou “Balot” del Rosario

Professional Coach and Marketing and Social Media Consultant

Dr. James Edward Sison

Occupational Health Physician and Professional Coach

Mela Chamberlain, PCC, CMC

Executive Coach and Management Consultant

Tina Sioson, ACC

Executive Coach and Human Capital Consultant

Lorena Liamzon

Life, Executive and Grief Coach and Yoga Teacher

Jocelyn Lacida

Executive Coach and Global Marketing Manager at Nestle HQ

Rob Rances

PhD in Organizational Neuroscience, Doctor of Leadership, Professional Coach and Entrepreneur

Laurice “Auie” Macapaz

Award-winning Talent Management Professional, Consultant and Coach