Coaching for Success: Coaching Training for Leaders

The current business environment is complex, volatile, and ambiguous. What constitutes good leadership is constantly evolving. To achieve success in such a dynamic climate, coaching training for leaders is no longer an option – it is a must.

An ICF-Approved Leadership Coaching Program

Benchmark Consulting’s Coaching for Success is the only Leadership Coaching Workshop approved in the Philippines by the International Coaching Federation, the global authority in professional coaching. Our certified leadership coach training meets the highest international standards in terms of course objectives, content, and methodology.

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Coaching for Success has trained thousands of leaders and developed their abilities to unleash enhanced performance in others.

Increased engagement is the key to increased productivity, and we help leaders achieve this within their teams through learned emotional literacy and heightened empathy in non-directive, thought-provoking, and disciplined conversations called coaching. The demands on today’s leaders are less about control and much more about empowering, motivating, and enabling others to flourish. Move toward a coaching culture today and reap the rewards of a working environment that is motivated, innovative, and performance-driven.

Leadership Coaching Workshop Objectives

Benchmark Consulting’s Coaching for Success equips managers to lead effective teams, enhance feedback and learning, and overall create high-performance, purpose-led workplace cultures. At the end of the 2-day leadership coaching training program, the participants should be able to:

  • Learn, experience, and practice state-of-the-art coaching tools which they can immediately apply in the workplace
  • Explore new techniques and paradigms on how to effectively improve performance and retain and develop talent
  • Learn the coaching structure and process to promote innovation and accelerate desired performance results

The certified leadership coach training program also introduces new approaches to management and develops these coaching mindsets and skills for leaders in your organization:

  • Leader-coach mindset – holding team members capable, believing that they are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole
  • Facilitating thought process – applying a disciplined approach to making people think and derive solutions and actions on their own
  • Trust – creating psychological safety and a supportive and challenging environment that encourages ownership and accountability
  • Essence-based listening – instilling empathy in communication, achieving clarity, and encouraging openness and honesty in the team members

Coaching Training for Leaders: Course Overview

The following topics are discussed, explored, and experienced during the 2-day leadership coaching workshop:

  • Revisiting Leadership Fundamentals
  • People Growth as Leadership Focus
  • What is Coaching: A Coaching Demo by an ICF Certified Coach
  • The Transformative Power of Coaching
  • Differentiating Coaching from other Developmental Tools like Mentoring, Training, etc.
  • Types of Coaching Dialogues in the Workplace (Coach-initiated and Coachee-Initiated)
  • Growth Oriented Type of Coaching
  • Change-Oriented Type of Coaching
  • The “Being” of a Coach
  • The Art of Powerful Questioning, Active Listening, Reframing, Mirroring, and Other Tools
  • Turning Feedback into a Coaching Dialogue
  • Coaching in a Virtual Setting: Do’s and Don’ts

Leadership Coaching Program Methodology

Our certified leadership coach training uses the Knowing-Doing-Being framework to ensure participants are engaged in body, mind, and spirit.

  • Knowing – Participants will have a deeper understanding and strong foundation of coaching concepts through interactive lectures and class discussions. Theories based on the principles of transformational leadership will also be tackled.
  • Doing – Participants get to apply theory into action by simulating coaching skills, tools, and techniques through dyads, triads, and a demo in front of the entire class. Coach facilitators will be on stand-by for guidance and feedback. Actual workplace scenarios and real-life issues will be used as cases.
  • Being – The sessions will touch on coaching mindsets, attitudes, and values that enable participants to reflect and have a paradigm shift. This will motivate them to have a deeper appreciation of their coaching responsibilities.

You will receive an Official Leader As Coach Badge from Benchmark Consulting

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Who will benefit from our Leadership Coaching Training Program?

Our certified leadership coach training empowers leaders at all levels and also HR professionals who are supporting their organization in moving toward a coaching culture. Managers can learn how to coach and improve their coaching skills to enable individuals and teams to perform effectively and with greater enjoyment. Unlock the potential of your leaders today with Benchmark Consulting.

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April 16, 17, 23, 24, 2024 at 9AM-12PM Philippines Time via Zoom

Registration Fees

  • Regular Rate: Php 15,000 + VAT
  • Early Bird Discount: 10% (if paid on or before March 31, 2024)
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