Customer Service Training Program

Upskill Your Employees To Provide Superior Service

The business landscape is fast-changing and with it, comes the ever-evolving customers that require excellent customer experience.

Numerous businesses have now shifted from being product-centric to being customer-centric. Companies have realized that providing exactly what consumers want and need is a powerful weapon in securing competitive advantage. This mindset places high importance on outstanding customer service, which is crucial in keeping and increasing happy, loyal clients. By participating in a customer service training program, you can turn your team into a competitive advantage and engine for growth.

Customer service shouldn’t be an afterthought. Happy and loyal customers are your best advocates, and often they’re even better than your most competent marketers. That’s why the Customer Service Program of Benchmark aims to help both customer-facing employees and back-end support staff internalize a strong service-oriented culture. The customer service training program operates on the premise that it is always easier, better, and more profitable to retain satisfied clients than win back irate ones.

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Customer Service

Objectives Of The Customer Service Program:

The 2-day learning customer service training program aims to:

  • Help both customer-facing employees and back-end support staff internalize a strong service-oriented culture;
  • Provide winning formulas on establishing quality client relationships that generate profits and positively impact day-to-day working conditions;
  • Allow participants to reflect and discover the required qualities of anyone providing customer service.

Amaze Customers With Every Interaction And Build Better Relationships

The relationships created through a single stellar customer service experience will not only deliver leads and sales, but it will also create a brand advocate that ensures repeat sales for years to come. Only the best customer service training workshop will prepare your team to deliver a long-term increase in sales and customer loyalty.

Customer Service Program Course Topics:

  • Our Current Realities
  • Everyone is Our Customer
  • What is Customer Service?
  • Understanding Customer Experience
  • Imbibing the Customer Experience Mindset
  • The Customer Service Must-Knows
  • The Customer Service Must-Haves
  • I Am the Face of Our Company to Our Clients
  • Customer Service in an Online World
  • Impressions That Last!
  • Physical Preparations
  • Intellectual Preparations
  • The Need to “Enchant” Customers
  • How Can We Be “Enchanting’?
  • Knowing Your Customers
  • The Different Types of Customers
  • Levels of Customer Satisfaction
  • The Power of “WOWING” Customers
  • Going EXTRA for Our Customers
  • Understanding and Managing the Different Types of Complainers
  • The LEAD Framework
  • Self-Management Techniques
  • Embracing Your Company’s Customer Service Standards
  • Redefining Our Customer Service Brand

After participants undergo the customer service training program, Benchmark provides one-on-one coaching support to select individuals and conducts follow-through sessions and other reinforcement activities to ensure application of learning on the job.


Benchmark Consulting believes in the power of holistic, fun, and interactive learning when facilitating our Customer Service Program. That is the reason behind the design of our customer service training program, where we embrace the Knowing-Doing-Being format in conducting any of our sessions:

  • Knowing – The learning session will provide participants with the impactful theories, concepts and frameworks needed to provide excellent customer service to their clients.
  • Doing – Being an immersive and experiential session, the participants will be given the chance to practice and utilize the various tips, techniques and tools that will be imparted to them during the sessions.
  • Being – The session will go beyond talking about techniques and cover the required qualities and mindset that customer-facing individuals must have, regardless of the times.

Who Would Benefit From This Program?

The customer service training program benefits both customer-facing employees and back-end support staff. Not only does each interaction between your employee and customer affect retention, but employees equipped with effective customer service skills will also feel a greater sense of value and commitment to their job.