Featured Coach of the Month

Tina Sioson

Tina Sioson

Life with meaning, made for courageous and purposeful solutions. This was the resounding insight as I got to know more about our featured coach of the month, Tina Sioson.

Tina was the VP for Human Resources of Globe Telecom when she got introduced to the coaching world. She had attended a coaching skills workshop by Benchmark Consulting and personally pursued advanced studies to become a professional coach herself. When colleagues from inside and outside the organization started leveraging her gift of coaching, she found real joy in knowing that coaching was instrumental in the talents’ transformation, may it be in their – career life, family life, and their personal purpose and meaning.

January 01, 2019, was when she fully pursued the coaching path, specifically focusing on Leadership and Executive Coaching. It is in this niche that she felt fully aligned with her purpose of building better leaders for the next generation to come, a purpose that served as her guidepost in pursuing consulting engagements and coaching partnerships. As Tina relates, “Coaching leaders and executives fuels my work as a Human Capital Consultant. These leaders are current and emerging movers and shakers of company culture and organization transformation. Working with them through various client organizations, enables me to directly impact the fundamental pillar in building a better Philippines and a more empowered nation. It supports my vision to actively influence realization of the UN Sustainability Development Agenda.”

What gives her the most fulfillment is witnessing clients’ turnaround, coming from their own insights and realizations, and bringing these to their next adaptive action. By working on the whole person, coaching allows her to catalyze the pivot both on their work mindsets and personal self limiting beliefs.

When talents gain broader perspectives and develop the resolve and confidence to take things forward not only for themselves but likewise for their people and the organization, coaching becomes very fulfilling to Tina. “I love it when I see and feel that my clients no longer need me, for these signals, we have achieved our goal – empowered and transformed talents ready to see the organization and people from a different prism. I feel more excited because I know they will soar high and reach a greater horizon.” Indeed, many of Tina’s former coachees and mentees have moved on to become CEOs, Managing Directors and HR Heads, and the fact that they still seek her out is a testimony of partnership beyond borders.

Today she coaches CEOs and Leaders local and international, she also works with some key leaders from the Philippine government. “It is a wonderful feeling to realize that there are so many positively charged talents and truly good leaders in our country. And it’s great to know that the work we are doing can impact future generations”.

Asked for advice for new coaches just about to start their journey, she smiled and said “I think the two things they need to work on are authenticity and credibility. Your authenticity to look out for the wellbeing of your clients, and your competence and character as a coach that will truly build your credibility. Last, never forget to find joy in what you do.”

Always Learning Session

Join our next Always Learning session on July 27, 2023 at 6PM-7PM PH Time via Zoom to learn from Tina’s vast experience in Corporate Coaching on how to manage and sustain corporate coaching agreements, whether from within the organization or as an external coach. We look forward to seeing you there!