Geoffrey Uy is an accomplished banking professional with over 30 years of experience in Treasury, Risk Management, and Corporate Audit. In his tenure in Treasury, he effectively managed the Bank’s risk-taking activities, surpassing profit targets. In Risk Management, Geoff played a pivotal role in the development and implementation of the Bank’s Market & Liquidity Risk Management Program, balancing earnings objectives with potential risks. His experience in Audit across the Asia Pacific region enabled him to evaluate diverse bank products and processes, ascertaining the effectiveness of internal controls and understanding various cultural contexts.

In his leadership roles, Geoff developed a profound interest in individual growth by mentoring and coaching managers and analysts, fostering growth and expertise within his team and the organization. Beyond his banking expertise, Geoff serves as a Peer Coach, providing valuable guidance to young professionals as they navigate through challenges in both their professional and personal lives, coaching them to develop the skills and virtues they aspire to achieve.

As a professional coach, Geoff focuses on Leadership and Life coaching. He believes in partnering with individuals in handling challenges to achieve their goals. Geoff provides a serene and secure environment for his coachees, allowing them to explore their thoughts with confidence.

Overall, Geoff’s extensive practical experience in banking, combined with his dedication to personal and professional growth, puts him in a unique position as a coach. With a focus on Leadership and Life coaching, he partners with individuals to overcome challenges and reach their goals. These attributes make him a valuable guide on the path to personal and professional success.