Leading Yourself
With G.R.I.T.


Pandemic or not, challenges brought about by any change are inevitable. We, as human beings, have always had the innate traits to overcome any “uphill battle,” because we all have GRIT!

At Benchmark Consulting, our Leading Yourself with G.R.I.T. program teaches you to leverage the power of cultivating grit in leadership or your personal self development. Discover and maximize your internal resources that will make you mentally and emotionally tough, despite any challenging realities you may be facing. No one was ever born a quitter nor a loser, we have all been blessed with a Winner’s DNA, all we need to do is choose to unleash it! With sustained perseverance and a deep passion to achieve your long-term goals, you’re on your way to everlasting growth and the success you deserve.

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At the end of the 3-hour Leading Yourself with G.R.I.T. workshop, participants will be able:

  • To better respond to challenges making use of one’s internal resources;
  • To further value the impact of self-leadership in challenging situations; and
  • To personally choose to thrive in, move forward and grow from challenges


We’ve all heard the wise adage that success doesn’t happen overnight. Anything worthwhile takes time, effort, and grit to build. Grit acts as the driving force for anyone to keep going. It fuels a leader’s capacity to overcome any obstacle and keep pushing forward.


  • The Big Picture: The Current Reality
  • Self-Leadership is the KEY in Challenging Times
  • Understanding Adversity Brought About by Changes
  • Knowing Your Current Emotional and Mental State
  • The Typical Behaviors Towards Change
  • Impact of Your Behavior Towards Change
  • What Is GRIT?
  • The Grit Formula
  • The Indicators of True Grit
  • The G.R.I.T. Model
  • The SMARTER Framework
  • Knowing Your BIG WHY
  • The Mindset of Resilience
  • The Need to be BOLD
  • Twin Forces That Drive Human Behavior
  • The Significance of Self-Care


We at Benchmark Consulting have always embraced a holistic approach in facilitating learning sessions.  With this, we religiously make use of the Knowing-Doing-Being format as our basis in conducting any session, including the ones in our Leading Yourself with G.R.I.T. workshop:

Who Would Benefit From This Course?

The Leading Yourself with G.R.I.T. program is ideal for any manager, supervisor, team leader, or individual* with a relentless desire to succeed. It is open to people of any level. Through the workshop, they learn how to define their own values and practice them with a purpose until they achieve their goals—with passion, perseverance, and grit.

*This course is open to any level

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