Group Coaching For Your Company

Group Coaching Services

A “group” is a set of people with a common interest and a shared goal. Each group, company, or organization is made up of individuals who contribute to the common goal, even though their roles are not interdependent or intertwined.

At Benchmark Consulting, we offer Group Coaching services to talk about common issues that revolve around group members’ personal or professional lives – allowing them to learn from other employees from different parts of the company. Group coaching brings insightful conversations into a small group of 8-15 individuals, focused on gaining a deeper awareness around key work-life issues, taking action, and supporting group members. These issues may range from leadership to parenting, career well-being, health and wellness, and other matters that affect their personal effectiveness and performance at work.

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An external professional coach will be there to facilitate the conversations as participants share their real-life experiences, thoughts, and feelings.

Objectives of Group Coaching:

  • Participants discover a new sense of insight and self-awareness about their issues
  • Deepen trust and openness across departments and among peers
  • Genuine connection and support is created within the group
  • Participants are inspired to set goals and actions that will help them improve their situation or create a new path moving forward

Benefits Of Group Coaching

Our group coaching service provides the following benefits to your organization: include:

  • Deeper Connection – learning from others and opening communication between silos in different parts of the organization to create meaningful relationships.
  • Support – for individuals undergoing significant change and wanting to reach new heights together with their colleagues.
  • Trust Building – fosters a culture of trust across levels of employees or departments.
  • Improved Interpersonal Skills – Group Coaching participants derive new insights, learnings, goals, and actions from the conversations. In turn, they learn to work better with others.

What To Expect From Group Coaching

By signing up for Benchmark Consulting’s Group Coaching services, you can expect participants to achieve:

  • A deeper awareness and new insights about their situation
  • More confidence and clarity of thought in dealing with their issues
  • Support from their peers and a mutual feeling that “they have each other’s backs”
  • Inspiration and motivation to move forward
  • A more proactive and optimistic view of their day-to-day challenges
  • A happier and positive disposition leading to better performance at work

Your HR team can organize groups of special interest in the organization for the Group Coaching services. Benchmark will then come in to facilitate a series of coaching sessions for the groups. As group coaching is different for every business, we can tailor our services to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Who Will Benefit From Group Coaching?

Benchmark Consulting’s Group Coaching services are ideal for groups of people in your company who have common issues to talk about, including concerns that revolve around their personal or professional lives. Group coaching is most beneficial for individuals who want to improve their interpersonal support skills, achieve goals using innate potentials, deepen trust among peers, and build meaningful relationships across departments.