I consider myself a proactive person. Whenever I encounter a problem, I’d let it sink in for a while and mourn. Be sad if I have to then continue on and solve my problem. It has been like that ever since I could remember. However on my 26th year of being in charge of my life, I was facing a roadblock that I did not know how to handle.

2014 was a horrible year for me. My career was put on a standstill and my personal life was a chaos. There were just a lot of things happening at the same time and all of it was pulling me to a downward spiral.  I did not know how to process the lot or even how to start but I knew I had to do something. Lucky for me, I recently read about someone from my social network being a Life Coach. Though the only thing I knew back then about a Life Coach is that they help people with their lives, which in retrospect sounded so vague back then, I thought why not? When you are lost and stuck climbing a high mountain might as well try everything and call for rescue, right?

And so I did.

To be honest I half expected my first Life Coach session to be somewhat similar to therapy. And I was afraid of that. I do not want the contents of my heart laid out and dissected in front of anyone even with a professional. Although true that I was emotionally compromised at the time what I need more than a soothing voice telling me to “let go” and “it’ll be okay” is a guiding hand to get both my feet out of the muck so I can continue my hike. My problem is current and I knew I had to figure it out. I just needed help figuring it out.

To my horror I was asked to sit as comfortable as I can after my Coach and I exchanged hi and hellos. That’s how sessions with a shrink starts according to Hollywood movies, right? I was mentally gathering the will to spew out the deepest darkest secrets of my heart. But as if sensing my apprehension my Life Coach explained what he does and does not do and to my surprise, none involves me telling him how I feel about anything. I learned instead that a Life Coach is there to facilitate a session which will help you understand what your goals are and what YOU want to DO about it. All answers will come from you. He’s just there to stimulate your way of thinking.

It was inevitable that we discuss personal matters, as my hurdle back then encompasses all aspects of my life but it wasn’t unpleasant. It was just something I needed at that session to help untangle my thoughts. And after that one hour or so of talking I went home with a clear goal in mind. I knew what to do after a long time.

As someone who has always been in charge of my life, I never knew how different it was to have a reliable person actively listen to you and help process your thoughts. I’ve made a lot of bold steps in my life and I consider getting a Life Coach one of those.  I have no regrets that I did. It left me with a lasting mindset that I am a capable person who can do many things if I put my mind in to it and how I can process my thoughts whenever I encounter a dilemma.  It’s reassuring to know as well that if another phase in my life comes wherein I cannot figure out how to carry on, I can rely on a professional to help me get my feet out of the muck once again.

Eventually I did see a therapist.  Thanks to my Life Coach explaining what he does and what a therapist does I figured I there was something else I needed to face. I am human and I can cry and that’s okay. I’ve never been in a much better state of heart and mind.

I believe in a human’s strength, will and capacity to solve problems. Deep inside you already know what to do. Sometimes you just need a guiding hand.  And when you’re lost, a Life Coach is there for you.