Human Evocative Approach to Training (HEAT) is a transformational workshop ideal for trainers and educators. Premised on the concept that man is fundamentally good, intelligent and unique, the workshop explores new training avenues leading to holistic and optimized learning. It addresses the challenge of transference as according to studies, only 25% of skills taught during classroom training are applied on the job. With HEAT, participants can better design modules and programs that impact learners’ behavior and performance. To further support the participants in applying HEAT, Benchmark either provides 5-10 hour one-on-one coaching to select participants, or conducts follow-through sessions and other reinforcement activities to ensure application of learning on the job.

HEAT is a well-known and highly practiced training methodology that was developed by Julius Ordoñez in 1998 and was registered with the Civil Service Commission as a continuing professional education course for teachers and educators in the same year. The impact and success of this training was tremendous as it was adopted by many multi-national and major corporations in the Philippines like Monde-Nissin, PLDT, Philam Life, Pioneer Life, Prulife, Sunlife, Ramcar Group, and Jollibee – to name a few. HEAT was also endorsed by Bro. Andrew Gonzalez when he was still the Department of Education Culture and Sports (DECS) secretary in 2000, firmly believing in the module’s primary principle – “teach them the way they learn, not the way you want them to learn.” Schools and universities around the country are currently discussing the value of HEAT and using it as a focus of research and case studies.

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