One On One Leadership Coaching

Unlock A Leader’s Full Potential With Personalized Coaching

Taking time to focus on a leader’s development is crucial to the growth and success of an organization. To be the best at what they do, there are times when leaders need to take a step back, reflect, and take their leadership development to a deeper level.

At Benchmark Consulting, we offer one-on-one Leadership Coaching services tailored to the specific needs of an individual – helping a leader become more self-aware of his capabilities and areas for growth. Our corporate Leadership Coaching engagement is a collaborative partnership between a leader and a professional coach, aimed at enhancing the competencies and skills of the leader and helping him achieve his goals.

The one-on-one leadership development coaching sessions give the leader the confidential space with a coach to focus on what is important to him. Our coach then aims to challenge the leader, encourage him, and inspire him to achieve more than he thought possible.


Benefits Of Our Corporate Leadership Coaching Services

The one-on-one Leadership Coaching engagement provides leaders with the personal learning and support they need to become more aware of their strengths and increase their impact on the organization. During the sessions, the coach listens to the leader and helps him develop himself and his skills. The leader then discovers new perspectives and identifies new solutions to challenging situations.

The typical outcomes of a six-month corporate Leadership Coaching include:

  • More confidence in leading people and dealing with business issues
  • Improved communication, collaboration and influencing skills
  • Deeper empathy and listening
  • Enhanced ability to lead and manage change
  • Big-picture thinking
  • Improved ability to develop and grow people
  • Stronger ability to manage performance
  • Agility in decision-making
  • Heightened personal effectiveness

What To Expect From Leadership Coaching

Through a self-discovery process employed by the coach, the leader gets to explore his innate potential and the factors holding him back from fully unleashing it. The leader becomes aware of his fears and self-limiting beliefs over the course of the corporate Leadership Coaching engagement. This self-awareness helps the leader make a deliberate and conscious choice to improve – either by making a quantum leap or by simply accelerating his growth.

The leadership coach acts as a “thinking partner” for the leader to translate his newfound awareness into concrete goals and action steps. They journey together in a series of leadership coaching sessions of an hour each, usually once a week or twice a month for a period of 6 months.

Benchmark Consulting’s one-on-one leadership coaching professionals are successful leaders from various corporate backgrounds. They are seasoned coaches who facilitate insightful conversations with leaders – evoking realizations and drawing these from the leader’s own valuable experiences.

Who Will Benefit From Leadership Coaching?

Our Leadership Development Coaching services are open to any leader who wants to grow, develop, adapt quickly, and thrive in changing environments. We help them identify behaviors that contribute to their success, as well as behaviors that are limiting their effectiveness as a leader. We have coached a wide clientele of managers, supervisors, and team leaders from various industries.