Develop Better Leaders with Corporate Leadership Training

Are your managers and supervisors capable of leading your organization to success? Do they inspire development and growth and bring about positive organizational change?

At Benchmark Consulting, we believe that leaders are not born. They are trained. Our Leadership Development Program is especially designed to maximize the potentials of managers and supervisors – boosting their competence and gearing them up for their challenging roles.

Leadership Development Program for Managers

Through our corporate leadership development program, your leaders gain valuable insights into their own strengths and discover how to get the most out of their people to create performance-driven teams. The leadership development workshops empower participants to learn valuable tools and techniques in promoting the growth of individuals and teams. They also help supervisors create a working environment that is conducive to building an inspired, motivated, and highly engaged workforce.

With modules on self-awareness, communication, building teams, productive workplace relationships, direction setting, managing change, problem solving, and managing results, the leadership development program teaches individuals how to create an organization people want to work for – whether they’re a director or a junior manager.

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Corporate Leadership Training Course Objectives

With Benchmark Consulting’s impeccable experience and expertise in corporate leadership training, your organization can reach greater heights through our leadership development programs.

Our 2-day workshop aims to:

  • Sharpen leadership capabilities by acquiring new frameworks and tools. Leaders get valuable know-how on the latest trends and different interventions as well as develop skills designed to bring out the best in their people.
  • Provide leaders with the knowledge and skills necessary in effectively managing people and teams toward high-performance business results.
  • Make leaders rediscover and regain their commitment to practicing personal leadership as the foundation of strong people leadership
  • Discover, create and align the brand of leadership that will propel the company in creating a difference and achieving massive leaps in their people and the organization

After leaders go through our corporate leadership training, they embrace and live out the principles required to create a work culture based on trust and autonomy.

Leadership Training for Managers: Course Overview

The following topics are discussed, explored, and experienced during the 3-day leadership development workshop:

  • The CRITICAL SWITCH – What is Leadership Mindset?
  • Three Leadership Areas All Managers Should Learn
  • Leadership Functions: In A Nutshell
  • Leadership Function #1: Setting Directions
  • Leadership Function #2: Developing and Growing
  • The People Development Formula
  • Leadership Function # 3: Building and Leading Teams
  • Managing Diversity in the Team
  • Hardwiring the Leadership Mindset
  • Leadership Function # 4: Managing Results
  • Feedback in Action!

Leadership Development Program Methodology

Our corporate leadership development program uses the holistic Knowing-Doing-Being approach or framework to ensure that all participants are engaged in body, mind, and spirit. To further support the participants during the program, Benchmark provides 5-10 hours of one-on-one coaching. We also conduct follow-through sessions as well as reinforcement activities to ensure application of learning on the job.


The sessions will involve class discussions and interactive lectures where participants gain a deep appreciation of their responsibilities, functions, and leadership roles in the organization. Participants also learn significant concepts covering the principles and frameworks in effective leadership.


Participants are given opportunities to experience first-hand each of the leadership functions. They practice making use of various leadership tools, dialogues, and techniques through collaborative workshops and group activities. Actual workplace scenarios and real life issues are used as a basis for role plays and simulations during the interactive sessions.


Having the right mindset is the first step in embracing one’s leadership role. The leadership training sessions allow participants to reflect and become aware of the mindset, attitudes, and values system required of a true leader.

Who Will Benefit From Our Leadership Training for Managers?

Benchmark Consulting’s Leadership Development Program caters to different levels of participants: from team leads and junior managers to senior managers and C-suite executives. The content and scope of the workshops can be tailored to fit the specific focus, needs, and objectives of any organization.