Leadership Transformation Programs

Inspire Transformational Change In Your Company’s Leadership

Leadership Programs That Inspire Innovation And A Success-driven Mindset

It’s no secret that an effective leadership strategy and culture is the difference between a company that fails and one that flourishes. In order to become a transformational company that can compete in today’s business environment and grow exponentially, your leadership has to undergo positive change at every level within your organization.

At Benchmark Consulting, we have an extensive range of leadership training programs to transform leaders, teams, and individuals. Through our courses and workshops, your leaders and contributors will learn, bond, challenge each other, and be challenged to apply new ways of thinking and proven tools to improve their leadership abilities.

All sessions can be done online or face-to-face to suit the needs of your organization. At the moment, we highly recommend that all Leadership Transformation training sessions be conducted online for the safety of everyone. One-on-One Coaching may be provided to reinforce the learning gained from the sessions.

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Leadership Transformation Programs Designed To Make Lasting Change​

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Leadership Development Program ​

Our Leadership Development Program maximizes the potentials of managers and supervisors – boosting their competence and gearing them up for their challenging roles. They learn how to create a working environment that is conducive to building a motivated, inspired, and highly engaged workforce.

Leading Through Uncertain Times ​

In this 3-hour session, we will provide practical ways to help leaders lead their teams in delivering peak performance amidst the increasing levels of pressure. We guide them in creating a culture of resilience, confidence, innovation, and agile collaboration.

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Coaching For Success

Benchmark Consulting’s Coaching for Success is one of the few Coaching Courses in the Philippines approved by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the global authority in the field of coaching. It meets the highest international quality standards in terms of content and methodology.

Mentoring Skills Program

Your leaders will learn the best practices and guidelines for establishing a positive mentor-protege relationship. They will understand the importance of leveraging talent, engaging people, and growing members of the workforce.

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How We Work

How To Build A Peak Performing Team For Line Leaders/Team Leadership Training

Attending this workshop enables leaders to recognize, enhance, leverage, and synergize the unique strengths of their teams. They learn to build and develop teams that become the key drivers of organizational success.

Team Coaching (Advanced Coaching Course) ​

Benchmark Consulting’s Team Coaching Training courses are specially designed to provide team leaders with the essential knowledge, attitudes, and skills to effectively coach their teams. It helps them understand how teams operate efficiently and bring a genuine coaching approach to their leadership.

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Team Coaching: 5 Critical Skills Leaders Should Have

This course helps leaders learn team coaching approaches that will bring their teams to new levels of trust, openness, engagement, and teamwork. We address issues related to cohesiveness, communication, coordination, alignment, priority setting, productivity, etc.