Lilian Reyes

Professional Coach

Lillian Yambao Reyes has extensive experience in Human Resource Development and Corporate Planning, having occupied senior positions in large companies, mostly in the Housing & Finance Industries.

Property Development being a highly competitive business, Talent Management and Development were key to growing the business, and thus were given high priority in the various companies she worked with. In her stint as Head of the Human Resources Group, she institutionalized a Leadership and Management Development Program for high performing personnel and championed the development of a coaching culture in the organization.

She personally coached officers occupying managerial positions, making them aware of how coaching can bring out the best in their people. The outcome of this intervention was highly visible as efficiently and productivity in the departments of the officers who were coached improved significantly.

In all the companies she worked with, Ms. Reyes espoused a Continuing Employee Development Program, alongside the company’s Performance Management System. This mandated employees to undergo a development program that focuses on their strengths and weaknesses based on the results of their performance evaluation.

On the other hand, her long experience with Pag-IBIG Fund as Head of Corporate Planning provided her the opportunity to develop people in the area of planning, i.e. how to set smart goals, define performance standards, plan what actions to undertake to achieve their goals, and monitor if goals are being met – necessary skills for people who would occupy management positions.

Pag-IBIG Fund’s presence nationwide allowed her to see through the people development along this line, not only among the Fund’s personnel in the national capitol region, but also in its regional branches.

As a coach, Ms. Reyes easily establishes rapport with her coachee as she is very open and approachable. Her strength as a coach lies in her listening skill as this encourages a deeper and more substantive conversation with the coachee. She also empathizes with her coachee and provides encouragement to see the coaching through to its intended outcome.