Lynne Reyes

Professional Coach

Lynne has spent over 3 decades in key roles in sales, consumer marketing and business development with multinational companies that are widely recognized as industry leaders. Her “bookender” companies, Wyeth Philippines and The Coca-Cola Company are considered her most cherished where she had spent a combined 30 years of corporate experience. She developed and launched brands which includes Bonamil, a growing-up milk which has been in the market since 1994 and Real Leaf, a ready-to-drink tea, which has been in the market since 2009.

Lynne’s corporate experience had given her a wide market knowledge and deep human insight that has enriched her personal and professional growth. In her last major role, she looked after the company’s strategic alliance with its largest local partner. She was involved in penetrating the international market, key in giving her a fuller view of the business and the organization, here and abroad.

Lynne had the benefit of undergoing numerous valuable training programs, the last of which was a half year leadership program with The Coca-Cola Company from which she received a Harvard Business Corporate Learning certification.

Leaving her corporate stint at the end of 2019, Lynne knew exactly what she had wanted to do next and that was to answer her calling for coaching. Pandemic, notwithstanding, she went into an ICF accredited, intensive training program, under Benchmark Consulting. Lynne has received her one-on-one mentoring from no less than the country’s top master certified coach, Mr. Julius Ordonez. More recently, Lynne has completed her certification in an advanced level of proficiency coaching under internationally acclaimed master certified coaches, Mr. Julius Ordonez and Ms. Marcia Reynolds.

Lynne has been instrumental in the personal and professional transformation of her clients. Her nurturing qualities, and ease in connecting with people have been attested to by her clients. Her clients’ testimonials speak of how the coaching journey had led them towards a deeper understanding of themselves that paved the way for transformative, positive change. Her clients include senior managers, directors and leaders of local and multinational companies, a CEO and Board Chairman, SME businessmen, entrepreneurs, HR practitioners, teachers and individuals. One of her recent engagements was with the middle and senior level managers of Accenture, the largest BPO company today.

Lynne is an active member of ICF Global and ICF Philippine Chapter and is active in coaching advocacy programs.

Apart from professional coaching, Lynne is the Managing Partner of Hearts and Minds, a consulting company her husband founded in 2018 which offers services in Strategic Planning, Shopper Marketing, Consumer Research and Professional Coaching. Lynne is also doing speaking engagements with theme on transcending crisis and emerging strong.

Lynne has a BS Degree in Economics from the University of Santo Tomas and is currently taking her Graduate Program studies in Psychology, Major in Developmental Psychology at the Miriam College. She is happily married for nearly 34 years and has been blessed with two wonderful children who are now building their own careers as an Orthopedic Surgeon and as a Professional Wedding Photographer.

Lynne continues to lead a full and active life and between her clients, schoolwork, and advocacy programs, enjoys amateur vlogging on home cooking as she loves preparing dishes for her family.

Lynne is a breast cancer survivor, and the experience has underscored for her how short and fragile life is. It should be lived fully and meaningfully by finding one’s true gifts, using them to pursue one’s calling, turning the seemingly ordinary to extraordinary and finding true joy from within.