Multi-Cultural Awareness Workshop

How To Work Smarter In A Culturally Diverse Workplace

The world has grown “smaller.” Today, most companies are comprised of a multi-cultural workforce.

Multiculturalism in the workplace is an effect of globalization, with the addition of technology. Now, you find people of different races and cultural backgrounds within the organization — all striving for professional and personal growth as well as the company’s overall success.

Benchmark Consulting has designed the Multi-Cultural Awareness Workshop, a cultural diversity training program to help companies maximize and leverage on the value of cultural differences in the workplace. In the cultural diversity training workshop, we will address all of the unique things about employees: race, color, language, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, age, socio-economic status, and physical abilities. We go beyond being only “politically correct,” and delve deeper into learning how to embrace differences as well as laying out a company culture that is inclusive, not divisive.

With culturally diverse, yet unified teams, your organization can greatly benefit from a synergy of creative ideas and expertise.

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Multi Cultural Benefits

Objectives Of The Multi-cultural Awareness Workshop

The 1-day cultural diversity training program aims to:

  • Help participants discover the power and potentials of multiculturalism;
  • Provide participants with concepts that will enable them to appreciate, embrace and transcend individual differences so that they can learn from one another; and
  • Help multi-cultural teams to perform at their very best and efficiently work together toward success.

Cultural Competency Builds Stronger, More Effective Teams

In your company, it is not enough to lay out a list of rules regarding acceptance of cultural differences and expect people to follow them. Instead of demanding or requiring all employees to accept each other, it is more effective to create common goals that create common bonds and remove unconscious bias. With proper cultural diversity training from Benchmark Consulting, you will be able to achieve this and work towards an inclusive working environment where differences are embraced rather than tolerated.

Multi-cultural Awareness Workshop Course Topics:

  • How “Global’ We Have Become
  • Understanding the Depth and Breadth of Multi-Culturalism
  • What is Individual Differentiation?
  • Maximizing Diversity
  • The Impact of Maximizing Cultural Diversity
  • Appreciating Cultural Uniqueness
  • Managing Stereotypes
  • Bridging Uniqueness Through Communication
  • Listening: The Critical Communication Skill Required
  • Shrinking the World Through Technology

After participants undergo multi-cultural training in the workplace, Benchmark provides 5- to 10-hour one-on-one coaching support to select individuals and conducts follow-through sessions and other reinforcement activities to ensure application of learning on the job.


Benchmark Consulting believes in the power of holistic, fun, and interactive learning when facilitating our Customer Service Program. That is the reason behind the design of our customer service training program, where we embrace the Knowing-Doing-Being format in conducting any of our sessions:

  • Knowing – The session will provide participants with the needed concepts and principles that will help them in working in a multi-cultural environment.
  • Doing – Participants will be given opportunities to immediately experience and practice the skills, techniques and tools that will be introduced during the learning session.
  • Being – The interactive session will help participants reflect on the kind of mindset required for anyone who is part of a culturally diverse team.

Who Would Benefit From This Multi-cultural Training In The Workplace?

Our Multi-Cultural Awareness Workshop is open and ideal for all employees in an organization. For internationally competitive businesses, cultural diversity training is especially crucial to reap the benefits of a diverse workforce where different perspectives inspire creativity and drive innovation.