Natasha Muniz

Professional Coach

Natasha is an incredibly approachable coach and instantly puts clients at ease with her friendly demeanor and infectious emotional energy. She drives transformation by facilitating deeper self awareness, clearer goal setting and setting actions to move things forward. She’s on a personal mission to unlock people’s greatest potential, drive their professional growth and promote wellbeing through coaching.

Natasha is non-judgmental, impartial and a believer in everyone’s innate ability to step up to a challenge. She’s a firm believer that everyone can benefit from a professional coaching relationship to drive confidence and clarity – so they can bring their very best authentic self to work. As such she is equally comfortable coaching CEOs through to junior managers. Senior executives in high pressure roles, middle managers dealing with change or adversity, new managers learning to lead or junior mangers striving to impress – all have benefited from Natasha’s coaching style to make powerful transformational decisions and develop fully their own leadership styles.

With over 15 years experience working in global FMCG sales and marketing roles in companies such as Kimberley Clark, L’Oreal and GlaxoSmithKline she is well placed to support and stretch clients to develop leadership skills, confidence and resilience. She has led both her own and cross-functional teams during her career so understands first hand what leadership skills are needed to succeed.

Natasha started her coaching journey over 8 years ago, went on to train as an in-house coach at GlaxoSmithKline, then further with Benchmark Consulting in the Philippines.