Developing Your Brand At Work

Personal Branding Training Course For Employees

Developing Your Brand At Work: Personal Branding Training

Given the ever-changing world, we can all choose to leave a memorable mark and be relevant!

We have always wanted to feel valuable in the workplace and create a positive impact within the company and the customers we serve. But how do we do that? Where do we start? How do we make our unique skillset visible to your team and customers?

Benchmark Consulting’s program Developing Your Brand at Work will help you revisit, rediscover and realign what matters to you the most which will help you see situations better, perform better and most importantly feel better. The Developing Your Brand at Work program will provide you with the practical steps to build on your core strengths and skills as well as effectively communicate the value you bring to a company.

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Developing Your Brand At Work Objectives

At the end of the 3-hour personal branding training course, participants will be able:

  • To review and redefine their purpose – why they do what they do in the company;
  • To align their own personal brand with the company’s brand; and
  • To make the choice to leave a positive mark in their company.

Personal Brand Workshop: Learn How To Develop Your Branding And Live It

Personal branding is all about how you package yourself, communicate your unique skills and bring value to an organization. Once you identify and articulate what differentiates you from the rest, a strong personal branding will open big opportunities and accelerate your career growth.

At Benchmark Consulting, our personal branding training course gets your personal brand in top shape so you stand out in your company, make networking easy, and become influential wherever you go.

Developing Your Brand At Work Topics

  • The Road to Your Best Job Fit
  • Why We Need Personal Branding
  • The Power of Brands
  • What is Personal Branding?
  • Defining Your Purpose
  • The Road to Your Best
  • Using the IKIGAI Diagram
  • Aligning Your Passion, Mission, Vocation and Profession
  • The Enjoyment-Performance Theory
  • The Power of Self-Assessment
  • Starting Your Own Mission Statement
  • Self SWOT Analysis
  • From Crisis to Opportunity
  • Appreciating Your Organization’s Brand
  • I Am the Face of My Organization
  • Alignment of Your Brand with the Company Brand
  • Ways to Increase Your Relevance and Value in the Workplace
  • Working on Your Personal Brand


Benchmark Consulting believes in interactive and immersive learning when facilitating all of our learning sessions.  We consistently make use of the Knowing-Doing-Being format in conducting any of our sessions, including the ones in our personal brand workshop, to make them truly holistic:

  • Knowing – The learning session will provide participants with the important principles and foundations that will be helpful in making them develop their brand at work.
  • Doing – This immersive and experiential session will allow the participants to be able to rebrand themselves by equipping them with the tools and skills needed to develop and portray their personal branding.
  • Being –  Participants will be given opportunities for the participants to assess what is important to them and also, participants will be able to explore and value their purpose in the company.

Who Would Benefit From This Course?

Benchmark Consulting’s Developing Your Brand at Work course is open and ideal for all employees in your company. It’s especially beneficial for those interested in exploring how they come across to others and looking to become an influential name in their field.