Anjie Ureta

My description of our training:

Without Coach Julius and Benchmark, I would never have become a professional coach!

When I was at a low point in both my career and personal life, Coach Julius introduced me to how life-changing coaching can be. I didn’t need a lot of convincing because it simply WORKED!

And when the chance to become a professionally trained coach came up, I felt the urge to pay it forward and enter a new phase in my life, from broadcasting to coaching. Both professions offered opportunities for service and I took the opportunity. It’s been three years and I’ve never regretted a single day!

Armene Armstrong

My description of our training:
  • Cultivation – the training helped me cultivate my own strengths and recognize others strengths as well. The coaching class taught me how to look for opportunities and maximize someone’s potential.
  • Redefine and change of paradigm – after the training, I was more aware of how I can pivot myself to think differently. This way of thinking allowed me to help others as well to think differently

Cindy duran

My description of our training:
  • Broadened my horizons/understanding of what coaching really is
  • Confirmed my unique calling as a Life Coach, so grateful to Benchmark Team’s great job to unleash the potential that I have.

Fernando Papio

My description of our training:

Half of the ACTP program I was in was face-to-face and the other half was the first done online. I would say that face-to-face was still a lot better but Benchmark did an excellent job running the program that it was a huge success. It did not feel like a training program but more of an immersion.

The program allowed me to know myself better towards establishing myself as a coach. Consistent with what coaching is about, Benchmark was a thinking partner during the course. The team made me feel comfortable to open up, appreciate and absorb the coaching process. There were profound and fun activities both during the onsite sessions and the online ones. On top of all these, I made some amazing friends who’ve been very supportive to my startup coaching practice as well as through these trying times.

Jen Castaner

My description of our training:
Benchmark Consulting played an integral part in my career as a leader in my almost 10 years with Alveo Land. Through company sponsored team buildings and coaching sessions, I discovered my love for coaching and how this is an important tool to reach ones fullest potential. This was why in 2019, I personally invested in my certification as a professional coach through their Accelerated Coach Training Program. Part of the program was the 5-day classroom session. I was really impressed with Master Coach Julius’ technical knowledge of coaching but I was more amazed on how he does it so naturally. Being with him and his team in a class made me feel so at home. Sharing insights and skills with like-minded individuals was such a fun and memorable experience.

JV Wong

My description of our training:
I will describe my ACTP with Benchmark Consulting in 3 aspects: thought-provoking, fun, and life-changing.
Thought-provoking: The program would strongly challenge you as an aspiring coach, bringing out the best in you.
Fun: It was memorable because of this element. For the Benchmark team, fun is integral to the entire experience.
Life-changing: I am able to use the fundamental skills and principles of what I learned even after years of practice.

Lorena Liamzon

My description of our training:
The Accelerated Coaching Training Program of Benchmark has truly helped me in various ways. First, it has given me the right structure in having the right coaching conversations. Second, It has provided a guide that is aligned with the ICF standards that truly helped me in asking questions even to young coachees such as children. Third, the program helped me discover how it is to truly listen in a coaching conversation – free from judgment! Lastly, I am grateful to the people I have met in Benchmark: the coaches, the classmates, and others I still continue to meet in seminars and programs.

Ma. Paz V. Malubay
President, P&A Grant Thornton Solutions, Inc.

My description of our training:

For Paz, joining Benchmark’s coaching program has helped her a lot in honing her skills. It has unlocked a new set of opportunities that enabled her to develop her leadership skills and to inspire others to achieve their full potential.

“My learning is applicable not only at work, but even in my personal circles: family, colleagues, and community. My training boosted my self-confidence and in the process, allowed me to help transform other people by instilling in them new mindsets, attitudes, and actions that will contribute
to their overall growth.”


My description of our training:

I was equipped with strong fundamentals by completing the entire process related to ACTP and APCC. These has helped me evolve in my coaching practice, influencing individual contributors to transition from current roles to leadership roles.

Mia zamora

My description of our training:
Joining the Benchmark Consulting’s ACTP is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I learned the coaching techniques I needed to listen better, and this has helped me grow not only as a coach, but also as a person.

Rachel Consunji

About myself:

Rachel’s fundamental skill set lies in her ability to help individuals, teams and organizations uncover their true strength towards becoming better versions of themselves. Her genuine desire to contribute to the development of others, her belief in the power of process, backed by her profound understanding of human and organizational behavior allow her to determine, create and implement fitting and successful interventions to her clients’ needs. She is gifted with a positive mind-set and the ability to connect with people – in a workshop, in a coaching session, with a company’s senior management or staff, the older generation, the youth. As such, Rachel has had the opportunity, for over the last 20 years, to work with various industries and organizations in both the private and public sectors, locally, within the region and in the United States. This breadth and depth of experience have been instrumental in her ability to see things from different perspectives, inspire creative thought and engage people in so doing.

Rachel is an expert in Change Management, Culture, Team and Leadership Development, Performance and Talent Management, Coaching and Mentoring ,among others. Aside from her consulting and coaching work, she is also a faculty member of the Ateneo de Manila Graduate School of Business.

Reena Murga

About myself:

Hello everyone! My name is Reena Murga, a co-founder of a Data Science Analytics company, now part of the Demand Science Group based in the US. In Cobena, we take pride in our whole brained approach to Data Science. My training and experience as a professional coach has helped deepen my interest in people, leadership development and change management— essential soft skills that humanize the field of data science. Coaching continues to be relevant in these evolving times, and a source of joy and fulfillment for me.

Roseanne Lasa

My description of our training:

This course was tough and transformative. It gave me the opportunity to step back and evaluate my beliefs and practices in coaching. It was a humbling experience to fumble and struggle with the competencies that participants needed to demonstrate at mastery level. The mentorship of Marcia and Julius throughout the internship was nurturing as it inspired me to do my level best in learning to be a professional coach.

My key take away from the course was learning to demonstrate presence. It’s about going deep into the clients’ thoughts and disrupting their mental programs so that new perspectives may emerge. The best part is leaving clients better than you found them. I came out of the course empowered and excited to give the gift of coaching to my clients.

Sofia Maderazo-Posadas

My description of our training:
I attended the ACSTH accredited course from Benchmark back in 2015. The training deepened my foundation in real coaching skills and disciplines. It has opened my eyes to what true coaching is that is aligned to the ICF core competencies and ethics. The methods and content of this course is on-point. This training ahs helped me a lot that I always recommend this to others who want to take coaching seriously.

Val Baguios III

My description of our training:
I attended the ACSTH accredited course from Benchmark back in 2015. The training deepened my foundation in real coaching skills and disciplines. It has opened my eyes to what true coaching is that is aligned to the ICF core competencies and ethics. The methods and content of this course is on-point. This training ahs helped me a lot that I always recommend this to others who want to take coaching seriously.

Wai Sing Yong

My description of our training:

I am a graduate from the class of Jan 2015 in Singapore with Julius Ordonez. Even though I have been coaching others, I had a very fun and positive experience in the course. To date, I am still applying what I have learnt and it has been impactful on my clients. I have also recommended Benchmark Consulting to several people who want to coach people to be better versions of themselves.

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