Rachel C. Consunji

Organization and Human Resource Development Consultant, Professional Coach

Rachel C. Consunji’s fundamental skill set lies in her ability to help individuals, teams and organizations uncover their true strength towards becoming better versions of themselves. Her genuine desire to contribute to the development of others, her belief in the power of process, backed by her profound understanding of human and organizational behavior allow her to determine, create and implement fitting and successful interventions to her clients’ needs. She is gifted with a positive mind-set and the ability to connect with people – in a workshop, in a coaching session, with a company’s senior management or staff, the older generation, the youth. As such, Rachel has had the opportunity, over the last 20 years, corporate and agency side, to work with various industries and organizations in both the private and public sectors, locally, within the region and in the United States. This breadth and depth of experience have been instrumental in her ability to see things from different perspectives, inspire creative thought and engage people in so doing.

Rachel is an expert in Change Management, Culture, Team and Leadership Development, Performance and Talent Management, Coaching and Mentoring among others.

Rachel has an MBA from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business, has completed the academic requirements towards a master degree in Industrial Psychology from the Ateneo de Manila University, holds a certificate on Human Resource Development from the University of California Los Angeles and a BA Psychology degree from the University of the Philippines.