Self-leadership Program

Unlock The Potential Of Your Employees

Self-leadership Program: Support Your Contributors’ Growth As Leaders

“To know thyself, is the beginning of wisdom.” — Socrates

We, as human beings, have always had the natural yearning to “win in life” and live our lives with purpose and meaning. To be able to do so, self-leadership is the key. The beauty of self-leadership is this “superpower” innate in all of us.

With the ever-dynamic world that we live in, it is all the more significant for us to self-manage, adapt, and continuously grow.

Benchmark Consulting’s self-leadership training program equips leaders and contributors with the tools, skills, and knowledge to explore themselves and support their growth as effective leaders. The self-leadership course is intended to develop their ability to focus on their key development areas and respond sensibly to the challenges in their personal and professional life. The leading self-program will equip them with the knowledge and skillset to know, understand, build, and manage your own beliefs, expectations, actions, and potential.

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Objectives Of The Self-leadership Program:

At the end of the 2-day self-leadership training engagement, the participants should be able to:

  • Better understand themselves as well as acknowledge and celebrate their own strengths and capabilities.
  • Value the importance of raising one’s self-awareness as it is the core foundation of self-leadership.
  • Set personal and professional goals that reflect their life purpose.
  • Apply practical self-leadership tools that will lead to overall personal and professional life success.

Empower Self-leaders In Your Organization

Who spends their days working with customers and ensuring smooth-sailing business operations? It’s your leaders and individual contributors. As the silent majority of your organization, your success is heavily influenced by their motivation and commitment.

Benchmark Consulting’s Self-Leadership Program teaches individuals the skillset and mindset they need to become proactive, empowered self-leaders who take control of their own success while also staying committed to the goals of your organization.

Through our leading self-program, you can arm your leaders and contributors with the skillset and mindset to become accountable, innovative, and productive employees and individuals.

Self-leadership Training Course Topics:

  • Understanding the Basics of Self-Leadership
  • The Self-Leadership Dimensions: Mental, Emotional, Physical, Social, Spiritual
  • Why is Leading the Self Important?
  • Elevating Self-Awareness as the Foundation of Self-Leadership
  • Rediscovering Our Natural Selves
  • Discovering Your BIG WHY
  • The Connection of Self-Leadership to EQ
  • How to Improve EQ
  • Self-Leadership During Happy and Tough Times
  • Self-Motivation and Self-Direction
  • Cultivating a Growth Mindset
  • The P.L.U.S. Self-Leadership Framework


Benchmark Consulting believes in the principle of immersive, interactive and holistic self-leadership learning. Thus, we use the Knowing-Doing-Being framework in our self-leadership program to ensure all participants are fully engaged throughout our learning sessions:

  • Knowing – Through Benchmark Consulting’s “signature” interactive lectures and discussions, participants will learn the foundations and principles of self-leadership.
  • Doing – Facilitators will provide participants opportunities to experience self-leadership tools and skills through interactive workshops and activities such real-plays or live simulations.
  • Being – The self-leadership training sessions will provide participants opportunities to explore the required mindset and paradigm to be able to self-lead. They will internalize the values and belief system needed to reach their full potential.

Who Would Benefit From This Course?

The Self-Leadership Program is ideal for any manager, supervisor, team leader, or any individual contributor who wants to accelerate their own development and take initiative for their own success. With our self-leadership training, they can address challenges and develop innovative solutions both in their personal and professional lives.