Stephen MacDonald

Executive Coach

Steve’s last 39 years have been spent turning around troubled companies or working in highly volatile markets, all over the world. His assignments have been in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, throughout Latin America, Asia and Europe. He was the Managing Director of Goodyear Philippines in 1997 – 2000, during the Asian Crisis.

During his career, Steve discovered that the most critical factor for success is the quality of people around him. Leading individuals, groups and companies from a low performance level, to levels of achievement and professionalism they did not know they could attain, became his most important source of professional satisfaction. The achievement of which he is most proud is that he has never coached a person towards a goal of significant growth and signed off on the individual, who has not gone on to significant professional advancement.

Steve has turned to professional coaching in order to work directly with those who want to maximize their potential and professional achievement. This to him is the most important, interesting and satisfying element of his professional life.