Teams are powerful means to deliver better business results. The challenge, however, is how to make a team become highly functional, peak performing and high value creating as team members may not naturally know how to collaborate effectively and excel as a team.

The role of a team coach is critical in ensuring that the team does not only deliver the goods but also grows and transforms into an engaged, agile, innovative and self-managed team. For this to happen, conversations within the team must change. Team members must feel safe as they speak out and express their opinions and concerns. They must be comfortable engaging in healthy debates that will enable them to arrive at goals and best strategies fully owned by everyone. They must operate on honest, open and trusting relationships so they can think, decide and act better and faster as a team. The team coach must be able to facilitate these types of conversations where team members can freely open up, offer solutions, challenge each other’s ideas, and come up with shared actions to take, leading to shared accountability and results.

Benchmark Consulting’s Team Coaching Skills Training for Coaches is a product of our 20 years of experience working with various teams. An ICF CCE Course, it provides you the required mindset, skill-set, and approaches delivered through a mix of LIVE virtual workshops, supervised practicum, 1:1 mentoring, and doing a paper.


In this 36-hour course, coaches will…

  • Gain a deeper understanding of teams, their nature, complexity and nuances
  • Differentiate team coaching from one-on-one coaching and what it requires of them
  • Learn powerful coaching skills and processes that can be used in meetings and other group processes
  • Appreciate and value their role as a team coach


The participants will explore and experience the following:

  • Team Fundamentals: Teams vs. Groups, Types & Profiles of Teams
  • Team Models and Frameworks
  • Stages of Team Development
  • Team Challenges
  • Team Coaching as an Advanced Coaching Skill
  • How Team Coaching Works: Live Demos & Simulations
  • ICF Team Coaching Competencies
  • The T.E.A.M Coaching Conversation Model
  • Powerful Facilitation
  • Team Coaching Modalities
  • Essence-Based Listening
  • Setting Team Goals
  • Leveraging Team Diversity
  • Using Team Coaching in Resolving Conflict
  • Managing Self
  • How to Challenge a Team
  • Team Coaching Tools and Techniques


Our holistic approach uses the Knowing-Doing-Being framework to ensure that the participants are engaged body, mind and spirit.

Knowing. Through interactive lectures and class discussions, participants will have a deeper understanding and strong foundation of coaching concepts and theories based on transformational leadership principles.

Doing. Participants get to actually practice and simulate coaching skills, tools and techniques through dyads, triads, and a demo in front of the class with the guidance and feedback of the coach-facilitators. Real life issues and actual workplace scenarios are being used as cases; hence, simulations are called “real-plays”, not role-plays.

Being. The sessions touch on coaching mindsets, values and attitudes that allow participants to introspect and have a paradigm shift leading to a deeper appreciation of their coaching responsibilities.

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