Team Coaching Training Courses

The time to be conscious of your leadership is now. Benchmark Consulting’s Team Leadership Coaching is an ICF-Accredited Course specifically designed for all leaders – managers, supervisors, team leaders, or anyone who handles a team. In this two-day workshop, leaders learn POWERFUL coaching skills and processes that help build a WINNING TEAM.

Leaders are not born. They are trained.

This belief fuels our passion for training leaders on how to coach teams and make a big difference in overall team performance. The role of the team leader is critical in ensuring that the team delivers, grows, and transforms into an empowered collective that is engaged, agile, innovative, and self-managed.


Our Courses

Team Coaching Skills For Leaders

Benchmark Consulting’s Team Coaching training courses provide team leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills, and attitudes they must have in coaching their teams. Our Team Coaching training program effectively equips team leaders with the skillsets that enable them to facilitate conversations where team members can freely open up, challenge each other’s ideas, offer solutions, and come up with shared actions to take – leading to shared accountability and better results.

The Team Coaching training program meets the highest quality standards set by the International Coaching Federation – the gold standard of coaching worldwide. Sign up for our Team Coaching course today and help your teams function as more than “the sum of its parts.” Build trust, engagement, and a comfortable environment wherein healthy debates enable teams to arrive at goals and strategies fully owned by everyone.

Team Coaching: 5 Critical Skills Leaders Should Have

Achieving team collaboration and high performance has always been a challenge, more so with the current circumstances worldwide. With the pandemic bringing about new ways of doing things, issues related to cohesiveness, communication, alignment, coordination, work styles, priority setting, and productivity, among others, have become more difficult.

Who would benefit from this course?

The Team Coaching training courses are ideal for any individual, manager, supervisor, or team leader who intends to bring a genuine coaching approach to enhance how teams work. The team coaching course provides a real development opportunity for participants to understand how teams and organizations operate efficiently, alongside a deeper insight on what drives business goals.