Create Broader Opportunities for Teams

When it comes to improving productivity, companies have always been focused on the individual employee and his performance. However, the reality is that when a team of people work together, they accomplish more than what individuals can deliver working alone.

Turn your ‘Team of Champions’ into a ‘Championship Team’ with Benchmark Consulting.

Benchmark Consulting’s Team Coaching services are especially designed to build team dynamics and increase performance and effectiveness. The team coaching engagement is available to groups with a maximum of 10 members. This team coaching engagement aims to:

  • Improve team communication and collaboration
  • Deepen trust and openness
  • Help the team manage diversity
  • Turn harmful conflicts into productive opportunities for learning
  • Promote team creativity, agility, and maturity

Companies use our team coaching services to help keep teams aligned with the bigger organizational vision, targets, and goals – all while becoming highly functional, peak performing, and value creating. We coach teams on how to collaborate effectively and excel as a unit.

Through our team coaching engagement, you will be able create different kinds of teams that value authenticity and accountability.

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Benefits of our Team Coaching Services

At Benchmark Consulting, our data shows that most teams are underperforming and are not reaching their full potential. At the start of every Team Coaching engagement, we find that less than 10% of the teams are high-performing. Most teams struggle with unresolved trust and communication issues, leading to a lack of shared ownership or accountability, blaming, and destructive conflicts.

Benchmark Consulting’s Team Coaching services address these team dysfunctions so teams achieve the best results they can potentially deliver. Our Team Coaching engagement is a powerful intervention that brings teams to new levels of awareness and performance.

What to expect from Benchmark’s team coaching

Our approach to Team Coaching is customized to every team’s needs. We start off the service with a thorough assessment of the team’s dynamics, followed by a series of regular 2-hour sessions. The sessions are usually held once or twice a month over a period of 6-12 months.

Typical results of our Team Coaching services are the following:

  • Team members are more trusting of each other.
  • Team members can openly express their views and engage in healthy debates.
  • Team members naturally reach out and collaborate with each other.
  • Team members are more agile in resolving issues.
  • Team members are more cohesive and emotionally connected with each other.
  • Team members have shared ownership and accountability of the team goals and results.

Our Team Coaching services quickly break down barriers that may exist in a team and align every member on their goals – ensuring all team members work towards a common purpose.

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Who will Benefit from Team Coaching?

Benchmark Consulting’s Team Coaching services are ideal for managers, trainers, or team leaders who wish to bring positive change to their company and enhance how their teams work. The team coaching interventions combine high level learning about group dynamics with plenty of practical team exercises.