Why is a coaching certification important? Coaching certifications or credentials for that matter are good predictors of success and achievement for anyone seeking a coaching career because it gives you credibility.

According to a report from Georgetown University’s Center on Education and the Workforce, by 2020, 65% of all jobs will require postsecondary education and training. This skills gap between education and the workforce has caused a shift toward the importance of certification or credentialing and additional training that is more comprehensive in order to meet the needs of companies.

Similarly, in a 2014 Consumer Awareness Study conducted by the International Coaching Federation, (see http:/www.coachfederation.org/prdetail.cfm?ItemNumber=1850) 83% of individuals who have participated in a coaching relationship believe it’s important for a coach to possess a certification or credential. Additionally, respondents who have worked with a certified or credentialed coach are 15% more likely to recommend coaching to others.

As the coaching profession continues to grow, the expectations of our clients may increase. Your ability to demonstrate state-of-the-art coaching skills will significantly impact your ability to retain satisfied clients and increase your “word of mouth” marketing.

To earn coaching certifications, you have to undergo rigorous training in a coaching training company, work closely with a mentor coach, and demonstrate your coaching skills.

Once you’ve decided to earn a certification, your next step is to identify the program you want to attend. There are multiple factors to consider when making this important decision such as: the level of certification you would like to achieve, your coaching specialty, your preferred training format, and the cost structure that fits your budget.

Coaches who study and work to gain a certification are showing that they are committed to their profession. They are proud to hold a credential which clearly states to the world that they are serious and dedicated professionals.

As coaching continues to grow and expand, credentialing will also continue to rise in importance. The more coaches there are in the world, the more our clients will demand that we rise to achieve the highest standards. A coaching credential serves to communicate these standards with no uncertainty. Our clients can feel secure in knowing that their credentialed coach brings credibility, training, experience, and excellence to the coaching relationship.

Coaches who have been trained by an accredited training company like Benchmark Consulting and then credentialed through the International Coaching Federation have achieved the highest standards the profession offers. They can be sure that they are bringing quality and excellence to their clients. The clients can be sure that their coach will adhere to the ethics and standards held by the ICF and maintain a professional relationship.

Coaches who study and work to gain a credential are showing that they are committed to their profession. They are proud to hold a credential which clearly states to the world that they are serious and dedicated professionals.

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