*Anna is a newly promoted sales manager in a corporation, with a formidable task of managing people, hitting quotas and proving herself to her boss. She’s a damsel in distress, striving to keep afloat in her new role.

*John faces several options on his post-retirement plans.

*James struggles with finding the right motivation to lose unwanted weight.

The opportunities are endless, the situations vary. But there is an intervention that has been proven to work in all these. Coaching.

Whatever situation you may be into, or wherever you are coming from or headed to, there is a type of coaching that’s right for you.

If you are in pursuit of higher level of competency, enlightenment, success and significance in ANY aspect of your life, coaching may be beneficial.

Coaching is a contemporary skill that encompasses any set of circumstances or state of affairs: whether in the workplace or corporate, in the academe, or in personal life.

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Coaching comes in many forms and sizes. In the workplace, Executive and Leadership or Performance coaching are very common, while a growing number recognizes the role of Life Coaching in improving personal relationships and one’s effectiveness. But no matter what it is called, the coaching process is aimed at helping the coachee move from realization to a firm resolution, from confusion to enlightenment, from ambiguity to clarity, and most importantly, from success to significance.

Over the years, coaching has been valued increasingly as an important contemporary leadership skill. Huge benefits accrue to the organizations where coaching has become a cultural norm and a “true coaching culture” has pervaded.

As a skill, it has earned its popularity due to a number of reasons.

Coaching is not transactional—it is transformational. It can effect change in habits, behaviour and character. More than just being concerned with what the coachee has DONE, it is concerned with what he has BECOME. It focuses not just on the DOING, but more on the coachee’s BEING. As such, people can count on coaching as a powerful transformational tool that is potentially not just short-lived, but lasting.

Coaching enables conversations to roll forward; whether it is directed up toward one’s boss, down toward one’s direct reports, and laterally to one’s peers. It is a skill that applies almost at anything that requires thoughtful consideration or decision as long as the coachee fully owns the process.

Coaching is ultimately fuelled by a desire to help individuals be their BEST with the belief that every person is inherently INTELLIGENT and CAPABLE of being successful. Participation of the coachee is the highest in this form of intervention; hence, accountability is also greatest.

Coaching is very personal; in the process, people come to terms with themselves, becoming more aware of their capabilities and focusing more on the opportunities rather than limitations. It empowers and enables a person to shift from scarcity to a mindset of limitless possibilities.

These are all fruits of effective coaching. In the end, it’s no longer just about the coachee’s COMPETENCE but also a renewed CONFIDENCE. People who experience its benefits start to believe in themselves, trust in what they can do, hope for bigger things and achieve them.

Indeed, coaching is an intervention that speaks to the heart and transcends any relational status—whether boss-subordinate, parent-child, even between friends and total strangers. It defies generation gaps and changes culture. It is, in verity, an ART that can powerfully change the HEART.