Tina Sioson

Leadership Coach

Purpose driven Decisions

“I empower leaders and people who have chosen to help themselves so they can be active contributors in the growth and transformation of individuals, teams, organizations, and nation.”

Post December 2018 corporate life, and now as a practicing Human Resource Consultant, Tina Sioson’s laser focus is on Leadership Coaching and Successor Development, Organizational Health Management towards Change and Transformation of business and people.

Recent Past Strategic Value Add

As former Vice President for Human Resources, Tina spearheaded the Business HR Team of the country’s leading telecommunications company. In this capacity, she functioned as agile Squad Coach to the team of HR Business Partners into co-leading the Commercial Group and the Technical Group as key customers of Human Resources. This role choice, shaped a significant part of her accountability in business performance amidst HR origin.

Prior to this role, she was Head of Leadership and Talent Management while concurrently the Lead, HR Business Partner for Enterprise Business, International Business and New Growth Units. Given this role, she was the internal Leadership Coach of successors and key talents in the organization.

In her previous life, Tina likewise handled transformational projects for the organization on top of her natural role. Some of these are: 1) Enterprise wide organization design and change in operating model, the move to Commercial and Technical organization; 2)Enterprise wide change in organization design and operating model, the formation of targeted Customer Facing Units to develop future GMs and future CEOs; 3) Ideation to fruition of enterprise wide development of key talents and targeted successors, as well as Ideation to fruition of enterprise wide leadership development; 4)The move to a more customer focused organization – people agenda track; and 5) The Spin-off of Divisions as an independent New Growth Unit in Financial Services and Advertising.

In her early career, Tina was Head of Strategic Consulting Services focusing on Making Major Sales TM, Customer Centered Selling TM and Outdoor Based Leadership / Team Development TM.

Principles and Beliefs

A little about Tina outside of HR profession:

  1. Tina grew up from an average income family of 5 siblings, she hails from Malabon. She is blessed with a loving husband and 3 wonderful teens.
  2. She takes care of her 97-year old mother in their humble residence in Antipolo and this is the primary driver for her availment of early retirement in 2018.
  3. Her life is guided by simple principles she value most:
    • God has a purpose for everything that happens in our life, we may not understand it now, but trust in His bigger plan. We are all created for a purpose bigger than ourselves.
    • Relationships are built on 3 incremental foundations: Respect, Trust, and Love
    • HR calling is 80% integrity, 20% skills. Capabilities change, integrity remains.
    • Failure is different from mistakes, we learn from mistakes faster and cheaper, so failure does not become an option.