Vicente Kilayko

Binky has experience in manufacturing, purchasing, industrial marketing and business development. He started his career with Procter & Gamble in 1975 and then transferred to Givaudan S.A. in 1986 as an expat. He relocated with the family to Switzerland, Hongkong, Japan and Singapore. Binky travelled extensively and has led multi-skilled and multi-cultural teams. Binky subsequently moved back to the Philippines as a senior leader in various companies.

Binky together with partners founded DBM Philippines which became Lee Hecht Harrison Phil. As a Director and successively the Managing Director, Binky led a team of coaches, consultants, subject experts to deliver Career Transition and Leadership Development solutions to numerous local and international companies including those listed in the Fortune 500.

Before his retirement, Binky completed the International Coach Federation (ICF) approved Accelerated Coach Training Program. Today, Binky is focused on helping Senior Executives achieve their goals by bringing together his over 40 years of work experience and the powerful coaching methodology. A feedback from one coachee says it all. “Binky is an outstanding listener who doesn’t have biases and pre-judgement. He is very easy to speak to and open up to with regards to concerns or challenges. He has a wealth of experience in business and people management. He knows when to suggest or give advice but focuses on the coachee’s self-analysis and realization. Structured yet flexible. Binky was very patient and engaged, manifesting care and concern.”