Visioning Program

Visioning Program: Corporate Vision Consulting

Walking without a clear vision is like groping in the dark. Having a vision provides a sense of direction as it draws a picture of a future destination.

Companies without a vision only see the day-to-day transactions and will therefore prepare not for the future. These companies cease to innovate and adapt to the needs and changes of the times. They won’t be able to survive competition and will eventually die a natural death.

On the other hand, when employees are aware and fully understand the organization’s purpose and vision, they will develop a personal affiliation with the company. This engagement between employees and the company can naturally lead to maximum performance and output.

At Benchmark Consulting, we help you realign your goals so you can establish a foundation or a guiding principle as your business thrives. Our Visioning Program ensures you have a clearly articulated vision and a mission fully owned by everyone for your organization to succeed.

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Visioning and Implementation Program at Benchmark Consulting

Objectives Of The Visioning Program

The three-day visioning program workshop aims to:

  • Involve the top management and senior leaders in crafting the company vision, mission and core values — based on commonly-held aspirations, principles and beliefs.;
  • Build the team, which is significant in the process of crafting the organization’s vision;
  • Emphasize the essential roles and contribution of each one in propelling the organization forward; and

Enhance Your Corporate Goals With Our Visioning Program

The clarity your corporate vision offers is vital to the management of the company. It helps you attract the best people and talent and reflect the kind of processes of your company. With a solid vision, your employees work harder and with more passion and commitment to their work.

Visioning Program Course Topics:

Our holistic approach uses the Knowing-Doing-Being framework to ensure that the participants are engaged in body, mind, and spirit.

  • The Must-Elements in Any Team
  • Team Synergy: The Base Ingredient
  • Qualities of a Synergized Team
  • Seeing the BIG PICTURE
  • Using McKinsey’s 7S Model
  • Defining What a Vision Is
  • The Importance of Embracing the Vision
  • What is a Mission Statement?
  • Value of Fully Understanding the Mission
  • The “Value” of Core Values
  • Core Values are Unique to Your Organization
  • Revisiting Our VMV
  • Envisioning Our Future
  • Crafting Our Mission
  • Redesigning Our Vision
  • Redefining Our Core Values
  • Drawing Up Action Plans Collectively
  • Identifying Accountabilities
  • Declaration of Commitment


Regardless of the session, Benchmark Consulting assures an immersive and interactive learning experience.  We have consistently imbibed the Knowing-Doing-Being design in the way we facilitate all of our sessions, including the ones in our visioning program:

  • Knowing – This visioning session will provide leaders with important concepts and frameworks significant to the visioning process.
  • Doing – Leaders will undergo various workshops/breakouts and activities that will be immensely helpful in the overall visioning process.
  • Being – The session will allow the leaders to reassess and reflect on the required mindset one must-have during the visioning process, as well as in the actual realization of the plans.

Who Would Benefit From The Visioning Program?

Our corporate vision consulting services are ideal for top management and senior leaders in the company. The engagement will help them brainstorm and prototype new ideas where concerns about brand reputation, operations, systems, performance, and growth all come to the forefront to create a corporate vision that benefits all.