The Benchmark Work Values Course

Work Values Training: Connecting Organizational and Individual Values in the Workplace

Your vision, mission and core values define and differentiate your organization. So do your people. Alignment of work values is necessary to create a strong link between the organization and its members. Without alignment and shared values, it will be difficult to establish a working environment conducive for breeding personally and professionally fulfilled employees, capable of performing well as an individual or a team member.

Benchmark Consulting has masterfully designed a Work Values Course, which emphasizes the importance of organizational values alignment. It immerses participants deeply into their corporate culture so that they will understand, share and exemplify organizational values and norms. This two-day Work Values training or program also utilizes various activities simulating workplace situations where shared values come into play. With the Work Values Course, participants get a palpable sense of how they fit into the organization, become more aware of their corporate social responsibilities as well as the virtue of giving their all-out performance.

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Objective Of The Work Values Course

At the end of the 2-day Work Values training, participants will be able:

  • To discover their own personal values and how these impact performance;
  • To align their personal values with the company’s core values; and
  • To exhibit the company’s core values in their day-to-day behavior and gain a sense of how they fit into the organization.

Work Values Course: Drive Meaningful Growth for Your Company and Employees

In a rapidly changing business climate, organizations that clearly define their values and align with their employees are well-positioned for long-term success. Values that are effectively implemented act as a roadmap, helping companies stay on track and inspiring employees to reach everyone’s goals together.

Work Values Training Course Topics

  • Self-Identity and Values
  • What Important to ME?
  • The Iceberg Theory
  • What Drives Our Behavior
  • Defining VALUES
  • The Benefits of Knowing One’s Values
  • My Personal Values: Values Mining
  • Extrinsic and Intrinsic Values
  • Discovering Non-Negotiables 
  • How One’s Values Affect Other People
  • What are Work Values?
  • What Values Employers Look For
  • Work Values That Last
  • Aligning One’s Values to the Company’s Values
  • Tools to Enhance Work Values
  • Exploring Support Systems
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning
  • Instilling and Strengthening Values

After the Work Values Course, Benchmark provides 5- to 10-hour one-on-one coaching support to select participants and conducts follow-through sessions and other reinforcement activities to ensure application of learning on the job.


Benchmark Consulting remains consistent in facilitating learning sessions described as fun, engaging, and holistic. To do so, we embrace the Knowing-Doing-Being design in any of our sessions, including the ones in our Work Values Course:

  • Knowing – For participants to have an aligned understanding, the facilitators will provide them with the definitions, principles, theories and frameworks revolving around values. These are all introduced through dynamic discussions and interactive lectures.
  • Doing – Participants will be provided activities where they will be able to immediately apply the tools imparted to them, through breakout and plenary team and individual activities. These will be carried out by facilitators who will be there to support them throughout the activities and simulations.
  • Being – Through this Work Values training program, participants will be led to moments of introspection regarding their personal values, and then realizing the significance of aligning them to the company’s set of values.

Who Would Benefit From The Work Values Course?

The Work Values Course is open and ideal for all employees in an organization. As organizations face an unprecedented era of change, it has become vital for companies to provide direction and clarity for their employees. Organizations that are intentional about their values gain a significant advantage, helping them stay on track and make an impact beyond profit.