Corporate Coaching Training programs

Behind every successful employee, there is a great leader and coach. Coaching is a skill in its own right. It allows employees to learn in a healthy and empowering environment, helping staff members feel more independent and engaged in taking greater responsibility for their work.

Build Transformational Coaching Skills

At Benchmark Consulting, our Coaching Training programs equip leaders with new mindsets, knowledge, and skills that they can use in coaching individuals and teams. These coaching courses are the first and only coaching skills training in the Philippines accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF), the gold standard of coaching worldwide.

We currently have two ICF-certified Coach Training programs that help create transformational leaders: Coaching for Success and Team Training.

Our Coaching for Success program is a workshop that aims to empower leaders to use a coaching approach with their leadership style. Through Coaching for Success, leaders learn to guide their employees in becoming independent thinkers and self-directed learners – the kind of workforce needed to thrive in a business environment that requires agility, innovation, and collaboration.

In the same vein, our two-day Team Coaching Training workshop is specifically designed for leaders to learn powerful coaching skills and processes that help build a winning team. The Team Coaching Training courses equip leaders with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes to ensure all members of a team work towards a shared goal.

Our Courses

Coaching Training For Leaders

Benchmark’s Coaching for Success equips supervisors and managers at all levels to lead effective teams, enhance feedback and learning, and create purpose-led, high-performance workplace cultures. To date, this certified coach training program has trained thousands of leaders to become effective coaches, developing abilities to unleash enhanced performance in others.

Team Coaching Training

Benchmark Consulting’s Team Coaching training program is specially designed to provide team leaders with the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitudes they need in coaching their teams. In this two-day workshop, leaders learn powerful and effective coaching skills and processes that help build a winning team.

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