Short Webinar Sessions


Unlock your potential with our short courses on People Leadership and Self-Leadership. These are 1-2 hour sessions carefully designed to meet the needs of leaders and/or individual contributors as they strive to grow while performing at their best. We deliver these courses in-house and they are customized further based on the objectives of the client.


Self-Leadership Programs

Leading Yourself With G.R.I.T.

This session teaches participants how to maximize their internal resources that will make them mentally and emotionally tough, despite any challenging realities they may be facing.

  • The Big Picture: The Current Reality
  • Knowing Your Current Emotional and Mental State
  • What Is GRIT?
  • The G.R.I.T. Model
  • The Mindset of Resilience
  • The Need to be BOLD
  • The Significance of Self-Care
  • Learnings and Key Takeaways

Developing Your Personal Brand At Work

This session will provide participants with the practical steps to build on their core strengths and skills as well as effectively communicate the value they bring to a company.

  • What is Personal Branding?
  • Defining Your Purpose
  • The Road to Your Best
  • Aligning Your Passion, Mission, Vocation and Profession
  • The Enjoyment-Performance Theory
  • Ways to Increase Your Relevance and Value in the Workplace
  • Working on Your Personal Brand
  • Starting Your Own Mission Statement

Accelerating Your Transition To A New Work Environment And Culture

This session teaches participants how they can easily and quickly transition as new joiners of the company. They will discover ways and mindsets they need to confidently navigate their new work environment and culture.

  • Knowing the Organizational Landscape and Stakeholders
  • Understanding the Mission, Vision, Values, Culture, Norms and Traditions
  • Managing Upwards: Clarifying goals, job scope, expectations
  • Building Relationships
  • Building Your Personal Brand

Burnout To Breakthrough

This session will equip employees with the right tools and mindfulness strategies to greatly decrease the negative effects of stress and burnout. It tackles the symptoms and causes of burnout and explores strategies for coping with stress so they can continue being high performers.

  • What is Burnout?
  • Global Impact of Burnout
  • Burnout as a Disease
  • What is Prompting Your Burnout?
  • The 5 Triggers
  • Refuel, Recharge and Reclaim What Matters
  • The Power of the C.A.T. Scan
  • Learnings and Key Takeaways

Other Topics

  • REDISCOVERING YOUR PURPOSE: An inspiring self-discovery and goal-setting workshop to jump-start the year
  • REINVENTING YOURSELF: A workshop on Personal Branding in the workplace and being the best at what you do
  • LEADING YOURSELF TO GREATNESS: Broadening your self-awareness to achieve personal and professional excellence
  • COMMUNICATING WITH EMPATHY: Managing your emotions and personal as well as professional relationships thru empathic communication
  • THE GROWTH MINDSET: Changing your mindset to change your life and achieve your biggest goals
  • MINDFULNESS MATTERS: Finding peace and gratitude in a frantic world
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People Leadership Programs

Leading Hybrid Teams

In this session, participants learn what is required in managing and leading a hybrid team. They will realize the importance of shifting their mindset and their ways of leading in order to help their teams adapt to the new work environment and become effective.

  • Overview of a Hybrid Work Environment
  • Common Challenges in Managing Hybrid Teams (e.g. communicating, culture building, instilling collaboration, etc)
  • What leaders must have to be effective in managing hybrid teams (e.g. ability to connect online and in-person, building trust, engaging team)
  • Habits of highly effective hybrid and virtual teams (e.g. regular bonding, knowing the big picture, collaborating naturally, etc.
  • Action Planning

Transitioning To A Leadership Role

This session is for individuals who just recently assumed a leading function and those who are being groomed to take a leadership role. New mindsets and concepts will be introduced so the participants will understand what people leadership role requires of them.

  • What is leadership?
  • Leadership vs. Management
  • The Basic Functions of a Leader
  • Shifting from Individual Contributor Mindset to a Leader’s Mindset
  • Mindsets Every Leader Should Have

Coaching Through Uncertain Times

Disruption and uncertainty can cause fatigue, stress and burnout among employees oftentimes leading to disengagement and even attrition. The leaders must be equipped with the ability to coach in these challenging times to keep their subordinates motivated, engaged and productive.

  • The BIG Picture: The world today
  • Leadership challenges
  • Employee behavioral red flags every leader must detect
  • Coaching as a transformational leadership tool
  • Approaches to use in coaching employees under stress, fatigue and burnout
  • Learnings and Key Takeaways
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Conducting Purpose Conversations For Leaders

In this session, leaders learn how to conduct conversations with their direct reports around their life purpose and how this purpose is aligned to the organization’s mission and vision.

  • The Power of Knowing One’s Purpose (personal and leadership purpose)
  • The Role of Leaders in Enabling a Purpose Driven Workforce
  • The Benefits of Conducting Purpose Discussions – Why it matters
  • Purpose Conversation Fundamentals
  • Setting the Tone
  • The Approach – Being “Coach Like”
  • Asking the Right Questions
  • Eliciting realizations and alignment on purpose and work
  • Closing the session
  • Skills Building Exercises (Triads)

Conducting Stay Conversations

This session will equip the leaders with new perspectives and skills on how to conduct meaningful Stay Conversations with their people.

  • WHAT are Stay Conversations?
  • Types of Stay Conversations
  • WHY conduct Stay Conversations at work?
  • Why Purpose should be part of a stay conversation?
  • HOW to conduct Stay Conversations?
  • Critical Factors in Making Your Stay Conversations Meaningful
  • Psychological safety
  • Empathy
  • Listening
  • Uncovering personal purpose and purpose alignment with one’s role
  • Skills Building Exercise in Conducting Stay Conversations
Cultural Awareness

Turning Feedback Into A Coaching Conversation

This session will equip participants with a conversation process and skills that will turn both positive and constructive feedback into a coaching conversation.

  • Brief review of coaching fundamentals
  • What are leader-initiated conversations
  • The concept of feedforward
  • Combining feedback with feedforward
  • Introducing the RAFIFIC Coaching Conversation Model
  • A Coaching Demo of the RAFIFIC Model
  • Co-creating agreements
  • Learnings and Key Takeaways

How To Combine Coaching And Mentoring For Meaningful Conversations

This session will teach leaders how to determine situations that require coaching and those that require mentoring and how to combine both modalities when the need arises.

  • The difference between coaching and mentoring
  • Introducing the PSSK Model
  • Identifying mentoring situations using the PSSK Model
  • Determining coaching situations using the model
  • Situations that require both coaching and mentoring
  • Demo: Combining coaching and mentoring in a conversation
  • Learnings and Key Takeaways

Life Coaching In The Workplace

The reality is that life issues can get in the way of anyone’s performance at work and when an employees presents these to their managers, the latter should be able to handle this type of conversation. In this session, leaders will learn a coaching process that will help them handle life coaching conversations in the workplace.

  • Humanity as the theme of leadership in the world today
  • The different types of coaching in the workplace
  • Determining coachable moments
  • What is life coaching: A Coaching Demo
  • The AFA Conversation Model
  • The must-qualities and skills of a leader using life coaching
  • Learnings and Key Takeaways