The Benchmark Team Development Program

Possibilities and achievements are limitless when an organization is backed up by teams of skilled and talented people passionately working as one.

Corporate Coaching That Transforms Leaders

Benchmark Consulting conducts Team Development Training Programs utilizing innovative approaches in fostering teamwork, synergy and extraordinary group performance. Each program is carefully designed to meet the specific needs and objectives identified by clients.

This program runs for two to three days, highlighted by intensive group activities aimed at promoting solidarity, strengthening relationships, as well as accelerating the growth and development of every team member towards achieving team synergy.

Benchmark Consulting goes above and beyond usual team-building sessions, driving learning points in interactive and non-traditional learning activities to get the participants to be fully engaged and involved.

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Our Development Program

Team Development Program – Level 1

This team development workshop probes deeper than simple getting-to-know-you exercises. It aims to bond the members of the team, create trust among them, and open necessary communication lines so the team can work together better. Ultimately, the workshop intends to build strong and lasting ties between participants, which could be further nurtured and reinforced by both training and non-training initiatives.

Team Development Program – Level 2

This level zeroes in on resolving conflicts and addressing critical issues affecting interdepartmental and interpersonal relationships. It sharpens participants’ sensibilities in managing conflict-ridden situations such as turf wars and disputes over differences in points of view, work values, and personalities. The workshop tackles constructive mindsets, behaviors and interventions to create a dynamic working environment where people collaborate, thrive and excel.

Team Development Program – Level 3

This team development workshop pushes participants to go beyond their limits as individuals and as a team. Through fun, highly immersive games and activities, we challenge them to stretch themselves even further. By encouraging them to break through barriers such as fears, inhibitions and distrust, we can impact team dynamics and performance. This helps participants bring out their fullest potential as team members, gain valuable insights and realizations as well as form new paradigms and positive personal change that propels the team to the next level.