One-on-One Coaching


“The transformation of the members of my executive and management teams has been remarkable. Now I see them owning up the business beyond the confines of their functions, reaching out, collaborating, and coaching. Best of all, our KPIs have began to show amazing improvements– ROI is done! Thanks to Julius Ordonez of Benchmark Consulting and his team.”

Dr. Chandra Anamirtham
VP Head Manufacturing Operations
WD San Jose, California
Former President and General Manager
HGST Philippines, A Western Digital Company

“Enlightening. It brought out certain realizations that I could have known previously but never was able to give time to analyze and fully understand the full context and implication.

Enabling. Being mindful of mindsets, behaviors, and relationships enabled me to change which improved my leadership skills which hopefully will translate to tangible benefits to the larger organization.

Empowering. The coaching experience puts things in proper perspective and developed the leadership skills that will make things happen (execution) more smoothly and achieve more wins for all parties that we are interacting with. With the benefits of coaching that encourages people to be self-directed rather than being directed, am seeing that this will introduce a different kind of dynamism in the organization.”

Bank Executive

“It was Excellent.” 

Bank Executive

“It’s a different experience being able to talk to someone about things you find hard to share with anyone in the office. It’s liberating being able to talk about real issues in a professional and productive way. It is also very sincere. Every session is marked with real life experiences, no judgment but at the same time with much openness to encourage realization, steps to take or some recalibration.

You are a great person and a great coach. You have made me want to be a good coach like you if only I have the same wealth of experience, training & time. Oooops, I am sounding like a mentee though. haha. Thank you so much for your time and for the coaching experience.”

BPI Executive

“The impact is ingrained in subtle ways. The valuable insights picked up from the coaching experience usually come in a form of realization, after dealing with situations. It was helpful, most especially on crisis management.” 

BPI Executive

“The overall experience has been enriching. Constructively, I didn’t think we needed 12 sessions, but others may have. The result of the sessions are increased awareness of the leadership role assigned to me and the importance of having buy-in across all stakeholders.”

BPI Executive

“Thank you again for everything. I am a better person, relaxed and less controlling because of you and coaching. I am grateful for the experience and would like to learn more about coaching people so I can help change lives like how coaching changed mine.”

Myra Catindig

“Prior to the T100 program, I had a narrow idea of coaching based on my limited experience of the practice. I have always viewed it as a routine process of giving reviews, holding occasional meetings, and offering advice. Actions and performance measurement was my initial understanding of coaching, which was limited to the transactional aspect of leadership.

To experience coaching first hand as a coach for a six-month period, I have learned that its effectiveness lies in understanding the reason behind why a person undergoes coaching and what specific actions they need to take. I have also learned that coaching is not a static, one-time action, but rather also a transformational process that focuses on helping another person learn in ways that would let him or her keep growing, a process based on asking rather than telling, on provoking thought rather than giving directions, and on holding a person accountable for his or her goals.”

Francis Jardeleza

The overall process has been good, it has taught me ways to improve not only myself but the way I mentor and coach my people. There have been several small realizations, but the small realizations add up and I believe will have a big impact.”

Tono Zialcita

“My overall coaching program is a success! It actually came at the right time when my previous function was expanded. I was tasked by management to lead a new organization that involves interaction with all units across the enterprise. With this program, I know that I am equipped to handle whatever this may entail.

My Coach Nel was very supportive and he was really successful in making me realize a lot of things. He was approachable which makes me open up more after several sessions. The good thing about the coaching program is that my coach did not tell me what to do and how to develop my competency, but he made me think of the approach that I will apply for myself. This made me more engaged and committed since I developed my own work plan with his guidance.”

May Ramos

“My coaching experience was great. Nel helped me out a lot and was great bringing out thoughts / approaches and focus items I have in my mind but never got to the forefront. It helped lead as a catalyst. The midterm sit down with Dino was also good as it both had an update to my immediate supervisor about what my focus items are and was then used as a platform to have a discussion as to what else we can work on.”

Jethro Sorra

“Through a 4-month one-on-one Executive Coaching engagement, the sales managers of a giant pharmaceutical company became more competent, pro-active, and confident leaders who now are more visibly and actively involved in all the company initiatives which enabled them to meet 2007 sales targets.”

From an Executive Coaching Client

“The coaching experience was very unique in a sense that it is the first time that the bank invested in such training. The series of conversations was a good way to achieve self-awareness. Overall, it is a great experience that is worth sharing with team members.”

Carmina Marquez, Bank Executive

“Was a knowledge enriching, confidence boosting, tiring but fulfilling, very pleasant coaching experience with Nel. Our sessions were intense but not stiff during the first half, but got easier, encouraging and more casual in the second half as milestones were slowly being achieved. Nel pushed me to realize very applicable and implementable action items which made achievement of the goals possible.”

Ricky Espiritu, BPI

“I am very delighted with my overall coaching experience. It is both relevant and transformational. It made me, to a certain extent, a better person and a much improved leader. Admittedly, I would still need to practice habit building, provide more focus and ensure 100% commitment to be able to make sure that this activity will come out naturally resulting to better results for the organization. I would also like to commend my coach for making this experience both a productive and enjoyable one.”

Ritche Farinas, BPI

“I take the coaching program seriously from day 1 for the ff reasons:

Not all are given the opportunity, and the bank is spending money.

As the coaching program progressed, I realize the value it will bring for the organization and for myself. It’s definitely a good program.”

Glenda Gonzales, Bank Executive


“The experience I had with Benchmark Consulting was among the top three best investments in my life! Yes, it is a tall claim, but I mean it! Expect: (1) Uncompromised Authenticity which helps remove the dross within us, enabling the true you to eventually emerge; (2) Powerful Personal learning; (3) Well Poised Impetus for you to continue your transformational journey. Go to Benchmark only if you are serious with your quest for your own breakthrough!”

Jonathan Mark, ACC
Former Head of Learning & OD - Human Resource for South East Asia, Manulife Financial, Singapore

“Sometimes coaching seems easy, but in fact, it is not. Under the focused, patient, & professional guidance of Benchmark, coaching gets to be less difficult, and in due time, it gets to be fun. Moreover, it leads towards becoming ICF accredited. It is great to be a Benchmark coach! I am glad I chose Benchmark!”

Mario R. Gatus
Former President, DBM Philippines

“The positive value I’ve gained from Benchmark’s Coach Training Program has helped me to identify and close gaps in my coaching knowledge, skills, and confidence. This has been vital for accelerating my coaching career towards ICF accreditation and the success of my future coaching business. As a trainer of Coaching, I have high expectations, and Julius Ordonez and Benchmark exceeded them with a professional, fun, and informative delivery of the training. I had a great time whilst learning.”

Alex Lanjri
NLP Coach, United Kingdom

“The ACTP by Benchmark Consulting is par excellence. It was singularly the most impactful training program I had ever attended in my whole career as it threw punches at me to maximize my learning, unlearning, and relearning processes. During the four-month journey, I have shed my old skin with the way I used to understand coaching and later have come to embrace the real essence of professional coaching. The methodology used is most effective to bring about clarity through small-group discussion closely tied to the “mentor-coach-coachee relationship” built during the practicum period. Overall, Benchmark is really top-notch – worth the time and investment!”

Melizza Guaio
SVP, Head People Management Division, Metrobank

“Benchmark’s Accelerated Coach Training Program has helped me transition my own career to where I am today. I did not know a lot about coaching when I enrolled, but I must say I did after the completion of a very comprehensive, challenging and insightful course. Especially, Julius Ordonez knowledge and presence was powerful as was the many times I had to step completely out of my comfort zone! Today, I help expats transition their career to the Philippines. I could not do this without the skills I have learned through the course. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to become a coach or to anyone who would are seeking personal development and empowerment.”

Christina Melchior, ACC
Career Coach
Expatriate Spouse Career Advisor, Asian Development Bank

“The Accelerated Coach Training Program was a very valuable experience; it far exceeded my expectations! Julius conducted the program with the utmost commitment to excellence. It is truly an asset to my professional development, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who is interested in coaching as a profession.”

Sharon Lim, ACC
NLP Coach
Former Director for Asia, Celestica-Asia

“Benchmark Consulting’s Accelerated Coach Training Program offered the tools and competencies that focus on the specific processes to achieve all the goals that my coachees and I aspire to attain. The mentorship program throughout the intensive course allowed me to truly hone into effective approaches and methods leading towards measureable and awe-inspiring results. I highly recommend this invaluable course for anyone who seeks professional and personal development for themselves, their company, and their circle of support.”

Branden B. Dean
Executive Director
Alliance Supports, Inc., Nevada, USA

“I have attended many coaching programmes, and none is comparable to Benchmark’s Accelerated Coach Training Program. The 3-stage training leading to ICF accreditation can equip any willing heart to embark well on their professional coaching journey. There are many great coaches, and Julius is one of them.”

Rosy Pang
HR Consultant, Hong Kong

“The Accelerated Coach Training Program is a very intensive training for coaches. It is completely hands-on learning and application of the Coaching Framework and coaching skills through “real plays,” facilitated discussions, and on-the-job practicum. What I gained of particular value are the ICF Core Coaching Competencies and how they are masterfully used to help coaches for self-directed discovery and learning. This creatively designed program equipped me not only with skills but also the confidence to get started on professional coaching.”

Bella Lo
Retired Vice President, OCBC Bank, Singapore

”The Accelerated Coach Training Program has opened my eyes to the real world of Coaching. I had so many misconceptions about coaching before I took the course – that coaching is guiding and mentoring the coach on what to do, based on the Coach’s expertise of subject at hand and suggesting solutions to issues/problems. I had to unlearn all these after [this program] taught me that Coaching is not content-directive, and it requires an entirely different set of skills and process. Julius is a very effective coach, trainer, and mentor as he practices what he preaches. He is sincere and patient in his approach.”

Alma Horn, ACC
Executive Coach & HR Consultant

“I strongly recommend the Accelerated Coach Training Program as it has provided me with a strong foundation of practical skills to be an effective professional coach. The best parts of the programme are the hands-on practice sessions in class as well as the 3-month practicum. The former provides participants with the confidence to carry out the practicum, while the latter, involving the coaching of actual clients, provides ample opportunity for participants to apply both knowledge and skills learnt, under the watchful guidance of Julius Ordonez, the mentor coach and trainer.”

Eunice Chan
Professional Life Coach, Singapore

“The Accelerated Coach Training Program is one of the most effective training programs I have ever attended. Many training programs would provide quick knowledge, but the ACTP of Benchmark Consulting provides not only knowledge but actual practicum experience and mentoring by one of the most experienced mentor coaches in the Philippines. I have actually witnessed how many of us started very timidly with practically zero knowledge and experience and how we have grown and matured in our confidence and coaching skills during this 4-month training period. Our transformation was truly wonderful. The training is definitely a worthwhile investment, and we are now ready to face the coaching world and make a difference in people’s lives.”

Raul Dimayuga
Proprietor, R. Dimayuga Management Consultancy Services

“I was privileged to have attended Benchmark Consulting’s Accelerated Coach Training Program face to face. It has opened a new avenue for me to discover how coaching can help transform lives of people from all sectors. It was so challenging that as a learner, I had to undergo transformation myself! What resonates is that we have to listen very well and sense the coachee to able help them through the entire process towards the desirable outcome.”

Francis Carlos

“From the abyss to new heights – coaching gives you the wings to soar over predicaments and challenges, giving you a commanding view so you can see above and beyond.”

Jaime Avila

“ACTP is life-changing, for me as a Coach having learned a new skill, as well as for my Coachees who are gently guided into realization, decision and ultimately into taking action by the power of non-threatening, thought-provoking questions. The best program I ever attended. I can’t thank Benchmark Consulting enough.”

Eli Trinidad

“I will describe my ACTP with Benchmark Consulting in 3 aspects: thought-provoking, fun, and life-changing.

Thought-provoking: The program would strongly challenge you as an aspiring coach, bringing out the best in you.

Fun: It was memorable because of this element. For the Benchmark team, fun is integral to the entire experience.

Life-changing: I am able to use the fundamental skills and principles of what I learned even after years of practice.”

JV Wong

“Half of the ACTP program I was in was face-to-face and the other half was the first done online. I would say that face-to-face was still a lot better but Benchmark did an excellent job running the program that it was a huge success. It did not feel like a training program but more of an immersion.

The program allowed me to know myself better towards establishing myself as a coach. Consistent with what coaching is about, Benchmark was a thinking partner during the course. The team made me feel comfortable to open up, appreciate and absorb the coaching process. There were profound and fun activities both during the onsite sessions and the online ones. On top of all these, I made some amazing friends who’ve been very supportive to my startup coaching practice as well as through these trying times.”

Fernando "Doy" Papio

“The ACTP has helped me in 101 ways but this testimonial must be short and sweet. Personally, the ACTP journey made me realize that I am capable of helping myself first, that I must genuinely be kind to myself so I can extend sincere coaching to others.”

Jonathan Martinez

“My coaching journey began with Benchmark’s Accelerated Coach Training Program. This course opened my eyes to how coaching is such an effective tool to get people to create ways to move forward with aspects of their lives that matter the most to them.”

Arvy Villamarzo, PCC

“From the abyss to new heights – coaching gives you the wings to soar over predicaments and challenges, giving you a commanding view so you can see above and beyond.”

Ma. Cristina Llausas

“Coaching for me is the missing piece and the exact tool which completes my purpose in life. I am so blessed that after over 10 years, I was able to reach out to Benchmark Consulting for a very timely season of my life.

Through ACTP, it opened my need to unlearn, learn and relearn. I understand how I can become a professional certified coach and do what I love on my terms. It abled me to differentiate what coaching really is and released the key to be more effective and strengthened myself and others I work with to support life discoveries, awareness and transformation.”

Cindy Vicente – Duran

“Going through ACTP built up my confidence and equipped me to help others maximize their potential and unlock hidden talents!”

Gerard Gian Kiko Villanueva

“I was privileged to have attended Benchmark Consulting’s Accelerated Coach Training Program face to face. It has opened a new avenue for me to discover how coaching can help transform lives of people from all sectors. It was so challenging that as a learner, I had to undergo transformation myself! What resonates is that we have to listen very well and sense the coachee to able help them through the entire process towards the desirable outcome.”

Francis Carlos

“Without Coach Julius and Benchmark, I would never have become a professional coach!

When I was at a low point in both my career and personal life, Coach Julius introduced me to how life-changing coaching can be. I didn’t need a lot of convincing because it simply WORKED!

And when the chance to become a professionally trained coach came up, I felt the urge to pay it forward and enter a new phase in my life, from broadcasting to coaching. Both professions offered opportunities for service and I took the opportunity. It’s been three years and I’ve never regretted a single day!”

Anjie Ureta

“The Accelerated Coaching Training Program of Benchmark has truly helped me in various ways. First, it has given me the right structure in having the right coaching conversations. Second, It has provided a guide that is aligned with the ICF standards that truly helped me in asking questions even to young coachees such as children. Third, the program helped me discover how it is to truly listen in a coaching conversation – free from judgment! Lastly, I am grateful to the people I have met in Benchmark: the coaches, the classmates, and others I still continue to meet in seminars and programs.”

Lorena Liamzon

“Benchmark Consulting played an integral part in my career as a leader in my almost 10 years with Alveo Land. Through company sponsored team buildings and coaching sessions, I discovered my love for coaching and how this is an important tool to reach ones fullest potential. This was why in 2019, I personally invested in my certification as a professional coach through their Accelerated Coach Training Program. Part of the program was the 5-day classroom session. I was really impressed with Master Coach Julius’ technical knowledge of coaching but I was more amazed on how he does it so naturally. Being with him and his team in a class made me feel so at home. Sharing insights and skills with like-minded individuals was such a fun and memorable experience.”

Jen Castaner

“Joining the Benchmark Consulting’s ACTP is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I learned the coaching techniques I needed to listen better, and this has helped me grow not only as a coach, but also as a person.”

Mia Zamora

“I attended the ACSTH accredited course from Benchmark back in 2015. The training deepened my foundation in real coaching skills and disciplines. It has opened my eyes to what true coaching is that is aligned to the ICF core competencies and ethics. The methods and content of this course is on-point. This training ahs helped me a lot that I always recommend this to others who want to take coaching seriously.”

Sofia Maderazo-Posadas

“I am a graduate from the class of Jan 2015 in Singapore with Julius Ordonez. Even though I have been coaching others, I had a very fun and positive experience in the course. To date, I am still applying what I have learnt and it has been impactful on my clients. I have also recommended Benchmark Consulting to several people who want to coach people to be better versions of themselves.”

Wai Sing Yong

“I attended the ACSTH accredited course from Benchmark back in 2015. The training deepened my foundation in real coaching skills and disciplines. It has opened my eyes to what true coaching is that is aligned to the ICF core competencies and ethics. The methods and content of this course is on-point. This training ahs helped me a lot that I always recommend this to others who want to take coaching seriously.”

Val Baguios III


“Thanks for the inspiring and energising sessions over the 4 months period, Julius and Marcia. The sessions help to further sharpen my skills and more importantly, they help to crystallize the meaning and purpose of coaching for me. Well done, Julius and Marcia.”

Jonathan Ng, ACC
HR Senior Executive (Singapore)

“As one of very few stand-alone advanced coaching programs available, this program was exactly what I needed in order to deepen my skills, re-charge my confidence and re-ignite my passion for the profound value that transformational coaching can bring for individuals and organisations. I loved the intensely practical and experiential nature of the learning; my growth as a coach has been exponential.”

Jo Saies, PCC
Executive Coach (Australia)

“This intensive coach training was an eye opener for me in more ways than one and has triggered a renewed passion for helping transform people. It brought coaching to a deeper level for me. That I went through it at a time when everything seemed so uncertain made it all the more worth the time and the resources that went into it. Moreover, being mentored by two icons in the coaching industry is an opportunity that will not come my way again. You and Marcia have shown a selflessness that is so inspiring for aspiring coaches like me. The world will be a much better place to live in with coaches like Julius and Marcia!”

Lillian Reyes
Executive Coach (Philippines)

“I was equipped with strong fundamentals by completing the entire process related to ACTP and APCC. These has helped me evolve in my coaching practice, influencing individual contributors to transition from current roles to leadership roles.”

Mariel C. Tablan, ACC, RFP, FLMI
Head of Premier Academy, Philam Life (Philippines)

“First of all it was an honor and privilege to be mentored by 2 of the best Master Certified Coaches — Coach Julius Ordoñez and Coach Marcia Reynolds. I loved the design of the program where there were many opportunities to practice the learnings during the lectures and be guided / mentored during the practice sessions. The course deepened my foundation for Professional Coaching.”

Raul Dimayuga
Former Senior Bank Executive (Philippines)

“The Advanced Coaching Course gave me an opportunity to sharpen my coaching skill as well as build relationships I would not otherwise have. I was able to level up my abilities as a coach through the Advanced Coaching Course. You have no reason to not take this course!”

Zach Prosser, MCC
Life and Leadership Coach (United States)

“This course was tough and transformative. It gave me the opportunity to step back and evaluate my beliefs and practices in coaching. It was a humbling experience to fumble and struggle with the competencies that participants needed to demonstrate at mastery level. The mentorship of Marcia and Julius throughout the internship was nurturing as it inspired me to do my level best in learning to be a professional coach.

My key take away from the course was learning to demonstrate presence. It’s about going deep into the clients’ thoughts and disrupting their mental programs so that new perspectives may emerge. The best part is leaving clients better than you found them. I came out of the course empowered and excited to give the gift of coaching to my clients.”

Roseanne Lasa, PCC
Leadership Coach (Philippines)

“The Advanced Professional Coaching Certification Course through Benchmark Consulting is really top notch. I was really hesitant about taking the class at the beginning, worried that it might be too challenging for me. Julius and Marcia were welcoming and extremely helpful. They were amazing mentor coaches who really taught me so much about how to be better coach and my skills increased so much. I also really valued my time with the other students and I learned a lot from them. I really appreciated the diversity in the group and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this program to others. You will not be disappointed.”

Andrea Muzikant
Certified Coach Practitioner (Philippines)

“Awesome experience to generously learn masterful coaching skills from the best from the west and the best from the east. Thanks again, Coach Julius and Coach Marcia!”

Vince Dizon, ACC
Professional Coach (Philippines)

“The best gift I received as a graduate of the Advanced Professional Coaching Certification Course is learning to be truly present. With all the challenges and distractions we all go through due to the pandemic, the best gift I can give to my clients and coachees is to assure them that I am there for them — ready to listen, to receive, to be part of their growth journey. It has been my honor to be mentored by coach Dr. Marcia Reynolds and coach Julius Ordonez because of their passion, persistence, and purposeful guidance.”

JV Wong
Chief Executive Igniter of People Ignite (Philippines)

“This training showed the gaps in my coaching. Gave me awareness. Made me committed in a way I never imagined. Julius Ordonez, MCC and Marcia Reynolds, PsyD, MCC blend power, wisdom, and great care to elevate your coaching. Loved engaging in a group at an elite level for a remarkable impact.”

Brenda Ammon
Founder & Prosperity Coach, Free the Mind (United States)


“The coaching course offers practical tips through its hands-on approach. I learnt to withhold my judgment, stop offering tips, and giving my personal advice, and instead listen to the coachee. It’s all about the coachee! Overall, I find the course to be beneficial and useful in my work.”

Chin-Leow Bee Kuan
Executive Director, Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore)

“Coaching for Success was a delight! More than I expected as far as the things I learned and how I learned them. It’s a powerful workshop that leaves one with the challenge to change. It has value added and definitely a significant human experience!”

Roseanne D. Lasa
Vice President, Head of Training, Pro Life UK (Philippines)

“Benchmark Consulting has been our people development partner since 2003. The sessions successfully equipped our leaders with the right mindset, tools, and skills which enabled them to lead their people amidst the various organizational changes that our company went through.”

Luz A. Morales
Former HR Account Head, ABS-CBN

“Benchmark Consulting’s Coaching for Success has been very impactful to the [24]7 Organization for the last few years. We have partnered with them to deliver development to our frontline leaders’ coaching capabilities. We have been successful in creating a meaningful experience to our leaders and the coachees. Benchmark Consulting not only delivers the content, they also make sure that the organization is handheld in the cultural shift needed to make significant changes in the coaching experience of people. Embracing and enjoying the coaching process is just one of the many outcomes we have experienced. More importantly, the alignment across ranks and senior leadership has been a key result of this journey.


We continue to partner with them and have benefited from the approach and the framework. Their flexibility and culture fair has been something that our leaders have enjoyed and valued as a milestone in their experience with the company. As senior leaders, we all know coaching should be in the DNA of our leaders. And when it’s not, Benchmark Consulting will make sure it is.”

Rienzi Ramirez
President and Country Manager, [24]7 Inc.

“Coaching for Success is a very good overview of the whole Coaching framework, coaching skills and attributes of a good coach. The workshop is very practical oriented and interactive. Learning is via discovery and practice rather than dishing out of theories. This makes the learning interesting, real and more lasting. The trainers are very friendly, competent, encouraging and demonstrated the coaching skills very well. The co-facilitation of the 2 trainers is excellently executed.”

Bella Lo
Former Vice President
OCBC Bank (Singapore)

“While I had some idea of coaching before the workshop, attending ‘Coaching for Success’ has clarified the key concepts and equipped me with the skills to be more confident, inspiring and disciplined as a coach. The fantastic balance of theory and (lots of) practice together with insightful tips and advice from the very warm and patient coaches make this the workshop to attend for coaches-to-be!”

Charles Low
Director / ProEd Consortium
Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore)

To reinforce the learnings the managers gained from the one-on-one coaching, Mr. Ordoñez and his team designed and conducted a 2-day Coaching Workshop which provided the participants the opportunity to share best practices with each other. Not only did the workshop sharpen their coaching skills, it also strengthened the foundations we have set in building a coaching culture. Overall, we saw our managers extremely satisfied with the impact both the training and coaching programs had on their personal and professional life and were in fact asking for more. The great results that this program created in our frontline managers have ripple effects in the engagement, motivation and productivity of our workforce and to the competitiveness of our organization in general.”

Mary Grace D. Perez
Human Resources Manager
Abbott Laboratories, Philippines

“Coaching for Success has made a difference in my life in how to enact the belief that people are capable of solving their own problems. Learning is from discovery, simulations, games that have relevant objectives to what we were learning. The trainers provide gentle guidance, feedback and positive energy.” 

Dr. Juliet Choo
Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Singapore)

“Benchmark Consulting has been our people development partner since 2003. We sought the expertise of Benchmark to help us strengthen our company’s leadership capability through their 2-day Coaching and Mentoring Program and for seven years now, Mr. Ordoñez and his team have so far conducted more than 100 sessions from the senior leadership team down to the level of supervisors. As participants attend the session, their feedback on the workshop encouraged employees to enroll in the sessions – making it the most sought-after and talked-about training program. The sessions successfully equipped our leaders with the right mindset, tools and skills which enabled them to lead their people amidst the various organizational changes that our company went through.

In 2005 to 2007, our company underwent several leadership changes, major shifts in directions and organizational movements. The skills they learned proved to be very helpful as the leaders were facilitating the transition. Among all our management development programs, this has also become the most requested training of our subsidiaries.

On our first year of engagement with Benchmark Consulting, we saw improvements in the way our leaders think, behave and coach their people. This paved the way for more engagements with Benchmark. They also designed and conducted team development, planning, customer service, and sales presentations workshops for different departments and subsidiaries of the company. To this date, we continue to rely on them to deliver interventions that meet our expectations.” 

Luz A. Morales
Head, Human Resource
Cable Channels and Print Media Group
Head Organizational Development and Learning (2003-2005)
ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation

“I am grateful for your humble yet confident style. Your style facilitated an open heaven in class where we could discuss, challenge and learn unreservedly. I learnt much and I am still reflecting on some of the statements shared. You have made the 4 days a very memorable one, one which challenged my thoughts and convictions and to a certain extent my risk-taking appetite. Time simply flew..What I took away after these 4 days was a solid foundation in coaching acumen which is still yielding fruits as I continue to reflect.”

Jonathan Mark Kok Wing
Former Regional HR VP, South East Asia

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the enlightening 1.5 days of Coaching workshop conducted by Julius and his co-trainers, Paui and Trixy. The trainers were very professional, and the hands-on approach made the sessions interactive and engaging. The workshop was well-customized to meet the participants needs thus making it more effective. I have definitely picked up useful coaching skills and processes that I can use in my course of work.”

Dr. Jasmine Tey Ah Hong
Director/ Centre for Pedagogical Excellence
Hwa Chong Institution (Singapore)

“I believe all leaders should attend Coaching for Success. With the war on talents that has been going on right now, coaching is a key driver in unleashing the potentials of people who matter most to the organization.”

Buena V. Chanco
Former Executive Vice President, Human Resource Management
Marketing & Customer Relations Cluster Head

“We are pursuing the Coaching for Success Program for our people in Sales management across the Organization because it provides them with the necessary skills to have productive one-on-one meetings/discussions with their sales people and improve performance faster.” 

Ferdinand L. Berba
Training Director
Philam Group

“Coaching has helped us provide a strong support system to nurture our key talents at Philips. It is an integral part of our Management Development Program and has helped our people develop leadership competencies, specifically develop self and others.” 

Luz Mercurio
Former Manager, Human Resource Development
Philips Group of Companies, Philippines

“Coaching for Success has expanded my universe – my possibilities have grown from vast to infinite.”

Susan S. Lara
Palanca Awardee and National Book Award Winner

“Thank you for sharing with us your expertise on coaching through your well-designed and effective training modules. I really learned a lot and enjoyed every minute of the learning session. Coaching For Success is the first training program i attended in over five years. And I’m very happy and satisfied that I had it first with Benchmark Consulting. You guys were just amazing; you’re a bundle of energy. With the way you designed and handled the program, I must say Filipino trainers have already evolved to being world-class Mentors and Coaches. Congratulations and more power to all of you!”

Message from a Participant from Trinity University of Asia

“Coaching is the KEY to success.”

Asuncion Gutierrez
ASEAN Training Manager, Infant Nutrition
Nestlé Philippines


“Team Coaching is an essential element that can boost a team’s performance. Committing to set aside a regular schedule for team coaching will definitely increase member’s engagement, ownership, and ‘can do’ spirit in wanting to become peak performers.”

Mariel Tablan
Leader Development Director, Philam Life

“Team Coaching is a very useful tool that a leader must have. This is truly worth attending.”

Gaylirose Adame
Sr. Training Specialist, IMI

“Benchmark as an organization is credible especially in the field of professional coaching. Their pool of facilitators is more than empathic and have the ability to focus on the participants real needs; they are uniquely able to distill what they have heard from the participants into valuable, credible insights based on their solid coaching experiences.”

Roy Magbanua
Corporate Head of Talent Acquisition & Development, Nestle Philippines, Inc.

“The art of team coaching is a creative and productive tool that will drive teams towards synergy, effectivity, and efficiency. The 2-day workshop by Benchmark empowered me to use this in dealing with teams I directly and indirectly handle.”

Josef Soller
Internal Coach, Ateneo / Active One Health Inc.

“The team coaching workshop is very useful to build your skills in terms of handling teams and to build & sustain a coaching culture in the organization.”

Pauline Comia
HR Executive, Nestle Philippines, Inc.

“One of the best training programs I have attended!”

Gabe Mendoza
Project Development Manager, Avida Land Corp.

“Benchmark Consulting is really the go-to company in terms of training, coaching, and consulting needs. I had a fruitful and insightful session when I attended the team coaching workshop.”

Clarisse Ngo
Category Manager, Super 8

“I have been handling a team for more than 15 years, and I never thought that there is a better way of leading a team towards a common goal. Team Coaching is another tool I can add to my arsenal towards creating a synergized team.”

Aaron Balatbat
Senior Operations Manager, 24/7 Customer Philippines, Inc.

“Benchmark has helped me rediscover my passion for serving people and teams through coaching. Benchmark helped me practice, practice, practice coaching the right way! Moreover, Benchmark helped me rediscover more of myself. My degree of self-awareness and self-understanding deepened as I used the same skills for coaching others to coach myself!”

Carmen Wong
Director of Leadership Engagement (recently retired), Compassion International


“There is a shift in my perspective. That the pandemic is not a limitation, but simply a way to think differently so that we can do positive things in new ways.”

(Client’s name withheld upon client’s request)

“This experience has affirmed that I can pursue coaching for three reasons: I sincerely want to help; I am gifted with the knowledge of when to talk and when to listen to what is not being said; One life a day is okay.”

(Client’s name withheld upon client’s request)

“I realized that I have an important role to play in this difficult time. I am being called to live my WHY and make a difference.”

(Client’s name withheld upon client’s request)


“The experience was very timely during this pandemic. I will definitely bring all the learning moving forward with the people, workmates, and family around me. Thank you for a fruitful seminar.”

Ethan Balanza

“This is a good orientation for experienced and unexperienced coaches as it gives a different way of coaching in a peer-to-peer setting. The demonstration helped me review the framework and impact of the right coaching to the client — a good reminder that as coaches, our #1 priority is to make our clients feel heard and feel good at every session. Thank you, Coach Paui, for the guidance.”

Charlene Banzal

“This workshop helps me differentiate between coaching and advising/mentoring. I know this workshop will help me and my peer have a healthy relationship. “

Arianne Michelle Bandiola

“Really insightful, practical, sincere, and genuine session. I love that the coaches shared their real-life experiences/concerns. They showed their vulnerability. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.”

Xandra Fe Yebron

“It was a great experience. It was a productive workshop and helped me as a peer ready to lend a helping hand. Kudos!”

Madeline Ira Faye Tamayo


“The speaker is very powerful. The topic and discussion is very collaborative. May we meet you soon in person.”

Edelean Ong

“Hi Julius! The Management Development program was Excellent! We got consistent feedback about the best quality service by the Benchmark team. Looking forward to our continuing engagement. Thanks so much!”

Message from a Participant from Philippine Electricity Market Corporation

“It was a good refresher on some management concepts I’ve learned in college. I particularly liked the skill-will matrix and RAFIFIA approach on giving feedback. Throughout the presentation, the plenary challenged some “traditional” topics and I’d like to commend Adam’s openness to discussion/debate.”

Gwen Casama

“I learned a lot for the topic LEADERSHIP (development, learning, teamwork, communication, etc.).”

Bernard Quinanola

“This workshop helped me a lot to get a better perspective about leadership skills. For me, being an effective leader doesn’t stop in managing a team, getting the projects done, or setting goals for the team/organization. To become one, you must also have the ability to identify and bring out the potential of your people, see the big picture of the situation to be able to find and execute the solutions effectively. On a personal level, I may have more than 20 years of work experience, but there will always be room for improvements, and I am more than happy to take the opportunities that will come my way.

Also, I’d like to give a shoutout to Benchmark Consulting, especially to Paui, Trixy, and Adam for a job well done! You made this workshop so fun, light, and a very informative one. Kudos to everyone!”

Kite Martin

It was engaging and fruitful. I learned a lot about what I can improve on as a leader and I feel encouraged to do better.”

Therese Santos

“I was able to assess myself in terms of leadership and also to become an effective leader in our department and for the bank.”

Mark Richard Samson


“This workshop is awesome! The design fits well to our needs. The facilitator did a fantastic job of engaging his attendees during the entire session. There was never a dull moment during the sessions. Doing this online is enlightening; imagine how much more so if done face-to-face! Kudos! Great job and thank you for all the valuable insights on mentoring.”

Lucille Isnani

“The mentoring workshop isn’t only going to be useful on a professional level but also on a personal one. There were a lot of points discussed that allowed the participants to reflect on ourselves, in addition to the technical content that we got. Thank you for this opportunity!”

Jasmine Therese Arcilla

“The workshop was well organized & so enriching with many aha moments. I’m glad I participated in it as I can apply the learnings in our community.”

Nanette Ella

“Very powerful and productive discussions. My knowledge and skill on mentoring are really enhanced and developed. I like the simplicity of the presentation, and most especially the RP is very friendly and knowledgeable. Thank you. Mabuhay!!!”

Philma Mohamad

“While mentoring requires expertise of the subject matter, how the RP presented the lecture gives a compelling reason for would-be mentors and aspirants. The workshop presents an almost comprehensive package for starters and enables aspirants to embrace the world of mentoring.”

Jainab Abdulmajid

“Mentoring is a skill that leaders need to learn. While we do it all the time, this seminar taught me that there is a more effective way to do it.”

Jing Remo

“A very enriching, affirmative learning session. Adam is cool as a facilitator. He was able to make everyone participate in the discussion and in sharing thoughts and ideas. Kudos!!!”

Mary Ann Polk

“Really helpful to my current role as I’m currently supervising a few subordinates. Will definitely apply the frameworks presented to make my mentoring structured and effective.”

Jeffrey Isip

“The frameworks discussed are helpful in becoming a more effective mentor, because they are easy to follow along. The role-playing exercises gave us a chance to apply our learnings right away. Thank you for the productive training and the handout.”

Gwen Casama

“It will really help me improve my mentoring skills, especially having a fellow that is older than me. This training is indeed amazing!”

Dan Christian Reyes


“We engaged the services of Benchmark Consulting to equip our employees with the right mindsets, skills and tools in achieving compelling goals amidst difficulties through their personal transformation program. After conducting the program to a few groups, we in HR already noticed the immense impact of the program not only in bringing about transformation in our employees but also in strengthening the familial spirit we have in the company. The richness of the program’s content is brought to life by Benchmark team’s very interactive, fun and engaging teaching methodology. This style of delivery helped participants to be comfortable with each other and encouraged them to open up and share themselves with the class, making every workshop a huge success.

The program has so far exceeded the expectations of our employees based on their feedback and the influx of success stories we have received every time the program is conducted. These success stories included a couple of participants deciding to finally stop long years of smoking in an instant while ,most of them started to pursue goals, either personally or professionally, they have been putting off for a long time now. Truly, this program is life changing.”

Angela Valenzuela
Head, Training and Development
Petron Corporation

“The workshop is good. It’s really refreshing, and at the same time, it gives me a framework on leading myself. Examples are practical, and I also learned more from my co-participant.”

Mark John Atela

“Though held online, it was fun to attend and participate in this session. Most webinars are boring, but this was indeed different. Thank you so much for experiencing the works of Benchmark Consulting.”

Ericson Kent Bonifacio

“I have learned and gained so much from this webinar. I would like to challenge myself to apply these learnings in my daily life and to develop my self-leadership.”

Mary Christel Eroy

“The session is inspirational. It serves as wake-up call to ourselves to our purpose (goals) in life.  I am inspired to seek within myself my true goals (using SMARTER) and hopefully to be able to achieve these goals. Thank you for the session.”

Jean Claire Llemit

“The Self-Leadership program is an eye-opener to our Leaders and a lot of valuable insights and take-aways could be a source of a new beginning for this team. We have high hopes that we can be a happy team again.”

Julie Christie Marquez dela Cruz

“I really appreciated what was imparted during the session. I learned a lot and had food for thought to take home with me. This session helped me remember my goals and encouraged me to start thinking about my “why” – something I probably would not have reflected upon if not for this session. Thank you, Trixy and Paui, for an engaging session!”

Therese Santos


“The training is very helpful specially in this pandemic time where you need to adapt to the changes or new normal.”

Joe Frey Juganas

“I enjoyed the session, given there were a lot of inward contemplation regarding one’s unique experiences.”

Adam Crisostomo

“I really like the fact that the workshop highlighted that everyone’s battles and grit moments are different.”