Lorena Liamzon

Lorena Liamzon

Life, Executive and Grief Coach and Yoga Teacher

Some people know exactly what their purpose is in life from an early age. For many others, like our Featured Coach of the Month Lorena Liamzon, it takes a bit more time, trying out different things, and enjoying the journey… and that is perfectly fine too.

Lorena came across Coaching at a Coaching Skills workshop suggested by her mentor and friend. At that time, she was teaching and pursuing her Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education. Prior to that, she was educated in economics and dabbled in law school but realized it wasn’t her calling. When she started learning about coaching, something just clicked. “It was a turning point for me. It felt like the start of a big shift, and I just knew then that this is what I am meant to be doing.” With that firm conviction, she professionalized her coaching training by enrolling in Benchmark Consulting’s Accelerated Coach Training Program, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“As a coach, I have evolved as well over the years”, she shares. Lorena initially built her niche in parental coaching, dubbing herself “The Coaching Mom”, because she wanted to support women who needed to re-encounter their sense of self and their identity after motherhood. “I wanted to help them find and regain their balance amidst the journey of motherhood, and I realized there was a big need for it.” But then the pandemic hit and it was a game changer for everyone. Suddenly clients were contacting her for other goals, other concerns, and she expanded her practice to life coaching. Later on, her friend talked about needing a grief coach. That moment, Lorena had an unwavering urge to learn about grief coaching, which also paved the way for her to include grief and loss coaching in her scope.

As a kinesthetic learner, Lorena needs to keep moving to be inspired. This is why she also teaches yoga, and particularly focuses on senior citizens and sedentary people, those who are usually too intimidated to join a ‘regular’ yoga class. She is happy to have been able to integrate movement and breathwork into her workshops and programs, helping people develop a mind-body connection that is beneficial to them as they grow and evolve.

Through all this, one of the bigger challenges she has had to overcome was setting up her business, and although she has made significant strides, she believes she is still in the process of finding her way. “ROI isn’t necessarily the only thing you need to think about. The benefits and rewards of coaching extend far beyond monetary.” That said, she is working on her ICF credentials next, because she wants to be able to reach even more people at a global level.

For new and aspiring professional coaches, her message is this: “Get to know yourself first. Don’t be afraid to evolve, start and restart as often as needed, and remember that everything that happens to you is for your greater good. Coach as many people as you can and keep going!”