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In the advent of our new reality, we have designed online programs that cater to the needs employees at all levels in the organization. These programs will enable leaders, teams and customer-facing employees to perform at their very best most especially during these crucial times.

Accelerated Coach Training Program – Online

Kickstarting building your ICF coaching credentials is now more accessible. Completing our 4-month ICF-approved ONLINE coaching course Accelerated Coach Training Program provides you 60 units of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours (ACSTH)Click here to read the full curriculum.


Should your organization need a developmental program other than the programs described above, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We can create a program customized to your needs. Click here to contact us.

On Training

Leading Through Uncertain Times

Whether your business is facing uncertainty, survival or recovery, leadership remains a critical driver of success. In these uncertain times, leaders must create a culture of resilience, confidence, agile collaboration and innovation. This session will provide practical ways to help leaders lead their teams in delivering performance expectations amidst the increasing levels of pressure.

Coaching: Maintaining High Performance Amidst Crisis

Even in the best of times, maintaining high performance is already a huge challenge, what more for a situation where everything seems to be difficult, vague and uncertain. Leaders must shift to a leadership style that will empower their people to proactively take charge of the situation. In this session, leaders will learn specific coaching skills to enable their people to stay committed, confident, and focused to still perform at their very best.

Leading Self In The New Reality

Crisis can either bring out the best or the worst in one’s self. It’s the ultimate test of one’s mindset, attitude, and character. In these critical times, individuals must be able to shift their perspective without dwelling too much on their mental and emotional handicaps. They must be able motivate themselves, draw from inner strength, adapt to the new reality, and reinvent themselves. In this session for individual contributors, approaches for new mindsets and new ways of behaving will be introduced.

Planning: Adjusting Your Strategy In Chaotic Times

The new reality dictates new strategies and new ways of doing things. It requires breakthrough thinking from everyone especially at the senior leadership level. Through group facilitation, we can help your leadership team assess the current situation and achieve a shared understanding of this situation, extract their collective wisdom, and chart new strategies for the business.

On Coaching

One-on-One Coaching

Coaching helps leaders think better for themselves, their teams and the business. In this time of crisis, leaders need a professional coach to help them draw from their inner potential so they can see possibilities and solutions, achieve clarity, make agile decisions and plans, and be confident in their actions. Your leaders will come out of these coaching sessions feeling rejuvenated, enlightened and empowered, with a decision, solution or a goal made concrete by a specific plan of action moving forward.

Group Coaching Support

Your employees from across the organization may be looking for a “safe space” for them to openly share their concerns, fears, worries and challenges in the context of the ongoing crisis. You can group these employees together and Benchmark will come in to coach them and facilitate their conversations in a virtual intimate setting where we process their thoughts, feelings and experiences. They will walk away from the session feeling supported with a clearer view of their situation or a better perspective of things. They will also take away greater motivation and confidence to take action.

Team Coaching

Achieving team collaboration and high performance has always been a challenge. With the new ways of doing things brought about by the pandemic, issues related to cohesiveness, communication, coordination, alignment, priority setting, work styles, productivity, etc. become more difficult. Team Coaching helps functional teams (top leadership team, HR team, Marketing team, Finance, IT, etc.) overcome these challenges and come out victorious with new levels of trust, openness, engagement, and teamwork.